Awais Samdani
Awais Samdani is a literary enthusiast.He is a fervid philocalist.His vision is to break conventions , which accost him daily about the certainity of his faith.
Khubaib Azad Samdani
He is 18 , a life enthusiast , motivation hoarder and self-confident. He loves to stroll on unpaved horizons. Here at Self Projections, he writes about things which matter in life.
Gulnaz Sattar
Creative Director
An adventurer, music and dance love,interested in cinematography and addicted to contemporary books.
Maheen Ahmad
Social Media Affairs
Maheen is currently working at plan 9. She has many subtle skills to propagate content on SM. Here she work on strategies to boost our eclectic exposure to All and sundry.
Khushbakht Memon
Writer-Social Affairs
Khushbakht Memon, studying BS Social Sciences. Bibliophile and Sapiosexual. Writing has been my choice of rebellion since High School and since then I have been striving to excel in it
Muneera Jamal
Head Writer
A dentist-in-making who is a writer by passion.Her work revolves around struggles of women who are sacrificed to satiate the demands of the society.An active member of Dow University's literary society.
Afraz Jabeen
Afraz jabeen, a lecturer by profession. She has edited LCWU university magazine (2013-2015), she is an amateur writer. Her area of interest is existentialism, sufism, crime fiction.
Sana Khan Afrdi
Content Strategist
Writing and law have been my passions. Their fusion is what I live, now.Studying LLB & working as Paralegal Associate at Khosa Law Chamber.Being motivational speaker I always had this instinct of feeling things deeply so I started writing/Voicing my opinion extensively.
Sheraz Ansari
Web Development
Ansari is a fervent web developer.He loves to explore problem solving ineffably. Sometime monotony exasperate him ,so he jump out of the band-wagon and design something which is eye-catching and user friendly at the same time.
Fahad Mirza
Marketing Expert
Journalist, Creative Writer and New Media Strategist by profession and a Nobody at heart. He aspires for the transformation of New Media landscape in Pakistan.
Muhammad Haaris
Chief Editor (Sports)
An aspiring psychiatrist with enormous interest in cultural anthropology. My love for extracting logic from abstract concepts makes me feel like I can unite people where they divide - through emotions.