Sehar Hashmi

Sehar Hashmi

Seher Hashmi is a mummified writer, a classified singer, a bonafide healthoholic and a nullified cook. She lives by the lull of lyrics, sonnets, ballad and songs and recordsher rhythmic ramblings at
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Sehar Hashmi

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They say,’’It  was just a fleeting pass

Before presentation when you brushed past

I can hear the whispers of your dark intent

Aimed to cause my spirit a nasty dent

They say,’’Shush up!Fuss no more

Don’t you dread to be labeled a whore

The meetings of the creative crew

Let lose a dirty spew

F*words and jokes so raunchy

Gag my brains, make me blotchy

They say,’’ It’s just the way men talk

When her proposal gets chosen

‘’She dates the boss.’’, a rumor flows on

To higher rank my promotion,

Triggers gender biased commotion

‘’She dresses up to impress

And It’s totally sacrilegious

Aren’t womenfolks supposed to withhold?

‘’Don’t you think her manners are too bold?

All this is just to bring me down

I protest but its brutally drowned

They say,’’Do you wanna die on blasphemy grounds?’’

Not easy to work with zero cooperation

Coz I made public your sexual frustration

Inside elevators  or deserted nooks

Empty chambers or while keeping books

A pressing itch on your pants’front

Breaks out often, I  yell, I grunt

‘’It’s sexual harassment

And I’m ready to confront.’’

‘’Back off,’’ they say.

‘’Huh!Zip up slut, this is how you learn

How the office work is done.