Awais Samdani

Awais Samdani

Awais Samdani is a literary enthusiast.He is a fervid philocalist. His vision is to break conventions , which accost him daily about the certainty of his faith.
Awais Samdani

Aidais 21 years old born on 26 April 1994 in Romania. Her real name is Aida Maria Guran, and her stage name is AGANGY FLOW. Aida in 2009 she played in Special Olympics and won a medal, Aida In 2010 she organized a prom with her ex-high school a prom for children with disabilities and disease and for raising money for children’s with disabilities or diseases for kids who don’t have hands or legs or for who have diseases like cancer! Aida’s first time when she appeared in news magazine paper was in 2010 when she with her ex-high school valley vista created a campaign for prom for raising money for kids with disabilities and diseases!

Aida together with her ex-high school Valley vista raised over 6 thousand dollars on the prom! Aida in known from the magazine newspaper like Jennifer Jerome because she never wanted to give her real name to paparazzi and to reporters when she was a child because she wanted to be protected from the public faces for nobody cannot find her information for never can hurt her! Aida in 2010 she comes again to play in special Olympics and she won again! In 2009 she won in basketball a gold medal and in 2010 she won in soccer a bronze medal! Aida in 2016 posted a melody song in and she got over 6 million plays views in Soundcloud in just one month!

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Aida right now in 2016 on May 14 she will play again in special Olympics for help children with disabilities and for help children with diseases like cancer and other diseases! On 27 April Aida attended in top talk show named Jimmy Kimmel show from ABC channel television from USA .

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