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Gulnaz Sattar

Gulnaz is currently teaching at NUML Multan.She teaches English Literarture.
Gulnaz Sattar

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I have lost faith

I just think of themselves as shackles around my neck

Why people say that we need a conviction

We need it just for the displacement of fears

My heart is in agony and soul disturbed

I feel myself as I am in a space having nothing to stick to

Maybe I am insane or I have become too conscious about things

The more I seek answers the more question arises

The more question arises the more dissatisfied I am

Do I need faith to complete me as a human being

This is a dystopian world where I am being judged on the scale of good and right

Those rights and wrongs which are just self-constructed reality

What about my Self then?

I am tired of this struggle of touching the untouchables

Maybe there is no God in my Utopia

Because there is no hope, forgiveness, and sympathy here.