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Abeer Fatima

Abeer is a budding novelist.She is inspired to do something bigger than herself!
Abeer Fatima

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A few steps ahead,
Lie the misty roads.
Hidden by the shadows.
Surrounded by Oaks.

Then one fateful night,
A traveler came.
Of jewels and riches,
Told extraordinary tales.

What do you seek, lad?
Asked the Elder Tree.
A road to honor.
The path to my queen.

What do you seek, lad?
Asked the Frozen Lake.
A road to happiness.
The path no longer fake.

What do you seek, lad?
Asked the glistening rocks.
Love to enshrine my soul.
A comrade who talks.
What do you really seek?
Finally asked my soul.
A quest? A purpose?
To reason the unknown?

Joy, pride, fame, and love
Is that all we desire?
Why bound to grief?
We, such good liars!

Engaged by our wants.
Driven by our needs.
We are animals.
Crowned by malice n’ greed.

What do I seek after all?
A road to redemption.
A crusade of freedom.
Way back to myself again…