Sehar Hashmi

Sehar Hashmi

Seher Hashmi is a mummified writer, a classified singer, a bonafide healthoholic and a nullified cook. She lives by the lull of lyrics, sonnets, ballad and songs and recordsher rhythmic ramblings at
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Sehar Hashmi

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I peek at you, you stare straight
down the front of my shirt
Tha usual slanted gaze
To check out the size
My teenage bosom ‘s rise
The swing of my rear
You’d give anything to hold dear
All this much needed gear
To become your wifey dear
I see you making a mark
The hues of my singeing skin
Mustn’t match the color of the bark
My shins should be ideally thin
You are just making it sure
That I have all that you adore
Not to mention, my accent of English
Must not sound like a south Indian
The rolling of  r must also be stylish
Cut it out boy, shake off oblivion!
Did it ever occur to you
That I have a soul too ?
Do you mind making it certain
That my heart is in its place and
Throbs for you under this bodily curtain?