Soni Khan

Soni Khan

Sunaina khan is graduate in Social Work & Human Psychology. She started her career as kathak dancer & performed in International & National dance festivals & recieved awards. She graduated in Pakistani folk & Classical dances under a project of UNESCO. She is working as trans activist from last 3 years & working for her community as active social worker.
Soni Khan

Fashion industry has its own glamour and charm not only in Pakistan but also around the world, every youngster dreams of becoming a model. Every young boy and girl starts thinking about ramp walks or coming on screen from thier teens . Some of them become so much passionate about this field that they dont care if the concerened person or a modeling company is genuine or not. Some thugs trap them in the name of portfolios and earn from them a heavey amount . But this new way of prostitution really shocked me.

My field is dance not modeling but who does not fancy posing when a camera is around you. I started putting my selfies on facebook & after that I started getting requests of every kind of people. Most of the requests were from production houses & so called modeling agencies. Every person who got a digital camera is a photographer and those who have video cam are directors. I already am attached to the media field so I knew pros and corns of professionalism; how do they interact and talk about thier work to the point . But here scene was entirely different. There were guys or middle aged men having C class shoots & literally begging for cell number or watsapp & offering me portfolios . I noticed It was such an easy way to get trapped by such black sheep who not only misuse people but also ruin thier future.

I knew some people who were engaged with fashion industry, I heard how they misused young boys in the name of modeling and those innocent youngsters were ready to be exploited for the sake of showbiz world. Today I dont see any of them in main stream but I do hear about them. They are male escorts now same thing is happening with females.

There was a guy who contacted me through facebook, he got a huge portfolio and I thought he might be professional. But after two or three chats he started asking me if i will be interested to go for a night with some bussiness man. I was stunned.

Somedays back I got a request from some designer, when I added him I found many vulgar pictures of females in swim suits. The first impression was that he was a professional phtotgrapher. but he turned out to be a pimp and an evil person.To promote his side bussiness in the name of fashion designing and again he offered a free portfolio. It was hard for me to have a conversation with him because I knew he had other intentions but I had to continue chatting to know the fact behind his using these innocent people in the name of promotion.

                                         Shameful Snapshots from the profile




An upcoming female model shared her story with me. She said a local news reporter approached her and asked for an interview. When the interview was published he started harassing her and saying you know how much we charge to publish an interview, now you have to pay me or join me privately, a nightout. She blocked the person but he is still harassing by adding her from different accounts. She did not mention the name because it will be definately bad for the newspaper just because of a person who is a black dot on journalism.

A struggling male model told me, when he was unknown how some model promoters called him in local hotels for auditions, undress him to chek his body, if he is perfect
for shoots or ramp walks and then they offered him to stay with them for a “quality time” to get work in media . It has happened with him so many times and then he shared one of his chat with me.
                           Watsapp Chat, Model with the Models Promoter


But these are just few examples. There are alot many stories, around us every day, which need to be adressed.