Sehar Hashmi

Sehar Hashmi

Seher Hashmi is a mummified writer, a classified singer, a bonafide healthoholic and a nullified cook. She lives by the lull of lyrics, sonnets, ballad and songs and recordsher rhythmic ramblings at
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Sehar Hashmi

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Like swirls of smoke which team

Like a whirling wisp of tea-steam
Curling and waving its way up
As high as it could be
No halt no boundary
shoot up straight like lemon grass
Shuffle along like a cat in a trance

Flimsy and free
From the weight of dignity
a wooing sylph on a spree
Swaying its back erotically

Without traces of qualms
Stretching her ivory arms
Half awake, with sugary sleep
Still Seeping through her cheeks
Curves and curls with no regret
Turns up or down, as she likes
Unafraid of your honor threats

Slipping awkwardly to right
Peeping left in sheer delight
Pout, honor shout or have laughter bout
No unwanted offers of asking out

Without spahonor’s flares
twirling abruptly, she dances
Without drawing in glares
See her wispy lock bounces
No tut-tutting or Virtue’s stare
Sans the burden of your shame
That she is groomed to bear
I wish to soar my way up
swing and sashay
Twist and twirl
To be one with the source
At my own sweet surrendering will