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Final year medical student at LUMHS, Jamshoro.

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Coming from a half male-controlled family in which gender preconceived notion was deeply rooted in cultural terms, it must have been a giant test for papa to raise me in a gender neutral surrounding. But, not even once in my growing years did I ever feel that my elder brother had a benefit over me or that he had any special freedoms because of being a “male”. I do not lay it on thick when I say that I did not comprehend that gender discrimination subsists till I walked out of the home and faced the world after college.

From the period, determination and money used up on our education to the lack of restrictions we were given to enjoy life, all the instructions were the same in every part for both the children. I was never forced to do any chore at home just because it was apparent by society to be a bit girls should pick up. Never did I hear a report like “How will you be able to after marriage if you don’t know this?”. As a matter of fact, marriage was never ensured as the last goal line of my life during any of our dialogues.

My father always concentrated on only two things – one was to make sure I become an independent person with good excellence education and the other was to the principal the track for me towards becoming a delicate, practical and happy person who is proficient of living life to the fullest.

The thing I adore the most about papa is that he is a friend and a picture-perfect example of “Best Papa”.

It is praiseworthy how Papa play a key role in tie the family together. He is a beloved of every family member as well as the kids. His attractive personality makes way into everyone’s hearts and reside in a special place there. He has a great sense of humor. He can strike a significant and fun talk with all age groups. He generously puts the well-being of his family above him.

You are the hardest worker I know, and lets face it, you have educated me to be precisely the same way. You inspire me to always go after what I want, and to never settle down for anything less. I’ve viewed you work on uncountable tasks and projects, and you won’t give up until you finish. (No matter how time-consuming that may take.)

You were the one who familiarized me into the domain of books, one book at a time. Make a habit of reading. While at first you brought books for me conferring to my age, I slowly in full swing developing my own sensitivity and smartness and got into the world of literature which at last brings me here in the world of blogging.

In the end, Papa you have undeniably no idea how much I appreciate the life modules you teach me on our road voyages or how much I worth it. You also have no idea how thankful I’m to have a father like you and my frame of mind of love for you are practically infinite.

Without a doubt, I am the luckiest daughter on the earth.

Feature Image Credit: Caroline Hernandez