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In the middle of my journey, I found myself in a Dark Forest

My path ahead had become vague; for I had lost the right path.

There, amidst the sweeping darkness, I wandered a weary heart. With each step, the burden upon my soul seemed to increase. I had already renounced all hope and memory of the world I once knew, for this darkness was to be my tomb. I stumbled through the Forest, uncertain of what I was looking for. But being a human (a hypocrite), I craved what any other person would desire in times such; a sanctuary. Their midst the tempting dark of the vast terrain of the Forest, I could hear strange sounds…. Sounds I had never heard before. As I tread among the woods of dismay, I heard flapping of wings followed by a shrill bleak sound. I turned around and saw a vulture pecking at something in the bushes far. It looked at me with a strange gaze, almost as if it wanted to devour me. But I pay no heed and kept about my stroll.


After brief moments of dismay, my sight fell upon a disfigured building. It was a huge wooden mansion with walls withered as if it had fought a never-ending battle with time itself. And the windows seemed to hide vexing pairs of eyes. Like a damned soul hiding small virtues. And there was a strange inscription above the front door, in a language I knew not. Even with all my recollection, I cannot describe the complete sight of the building which stood before my very eyes, except that it seemed to have a life of its own. Longing for a place to stay in those God-forsaken woods, I mustered up what little courage I had left and dared to take my first step. Stepping on the floor in the stairway I could hear the wooden boards creak beneath my steps. I climbed the stairs and with dreadful caution, reached for the doorknob. As I grasped the knob within my clutches, I felt a strange pain surging within my body. A pain I had never experienced before. I shrieked and wailed but the sound of my cries dissolved into the misty air of the Forest. I succeeded in opening the door but collapsed hopelessly while doing so.

When I came to my senses, I was lying in the doorway. The murkiness of the mansion covered me like a blanket. I tried to feel my limbs and slowly picked myself up. As I recovered from my faintness, I felt as if I was free from my mortal shackles. The burden seemed to have disappeared and in its place, came an unknown feeling of emptiness. Suddenly I heard a faint sound from the far end of the mansion. I gazed to unravel the source but it was far too lurid, for me to discover anything. I heard the same sound again, only this time it felt like an alluring whisper close to my ear. “Come, wanderer.”  Impulsively, I went for the voice in my head and stepped in its direction.


On the other side, I found a strange room. Lit by the moonlight falling from stained glass windows, it captivated my imagination and thoughts. The contents of the room gleamed under the faint light. In all my wretched life, I had never seen such a place. Dark yet tempting, empty yet suffocating, abandoned yet possessed!

I was carried away in my thoughts when I heard someone. I turned around to inquire the voice: there, in the darkest corner of the room sat a figure, wearing a cloak of shadow. Suddenly a gust of wind blew and pushed the beautifully torn curtains on the windows. For a moment, the room appeared to be under a spell of silvery light. It was enough for me to look at the shadow sitting upon a sylvan throne and carrying a goblet in its left hand while its right hand laid resting on the arm of the seat. Its face was covered in darkness but with much focus, I could feel its dreary eyes gazing upon me.


“What brings you to my abode?”, inquired the wraith in a sharp but raspy voice. “I w…. wa…. I waa…ss, I… I, l…ll..lost in….. the Fo… Forest”, my words began to stumble like my lost self….