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I am Razia Fatima. I have been recently graduated from Liaquat Medical University of Health and Sciences, Jamshoro, Hyderabad. I am a very passionate and creative girl, always take risks to do differently.

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Medical negligence is an act of omission by professional doctors that cause harm to patients. Negligences can be forgiven but one cannot get back lives of their loved ones or healing takes a time. 

The worldwide increasing issue day by day without bringing safety, improvement and providing standard protocol. Everyone is blaming an individual rather than establishing a standard health care system. As a doctor, we oath to take care of everyone’s lives. As recklessness and carelessness should not be accepted in the field of medicine. To err is human but to learn from the previous negligences is far an alternative way to solve all issues that carry out in our medical setup rather than just sitting and saying ‘to err is human’ is just the way to bury the mistakes. There is always a way to correct the mistakes and focused on these errors and try to reduce them.

Medical practitioners think: it is not in our hand rather it is naturally occurring occasions but as far as I have seen many surgeons and medical staff now became very conscious during surgeries and other medical strategies. Every medical individual has to be dedicated and committed to their profession and avoid committing the same medical error.

I still remember when I was about 13 years old and my grandmother had to undergo cholecystectomy. After few months of surgery, she developed a huge mobile swelling around her incision and she went for check up from the same doctor but we never found the doctor again even hospital no more exists and it was called by the name of ‘’Bhambore Hospital’’ at Makli, Thatta, Pakistan. She again undergoes another surgery and even same other cases occur in another medical setup like medical practitioners leaving gauze piece or any instruments or administration of wrong injections or making the wrong prognosis or wrong treatment can lead to severe complications even death.

Daily patients undergo surgeries and even same other cases occur in another medical setup like medical practitioners leaving gauze piece or any instruments or administration of wrong injections or making the wrong prognosis or wrong treatment which lead to severe complications even death.

According to Journal of American Medical Association: Medical negligence is third leading cause of death in USA right behind Ischemic Heart Disease and cancer. 

WHO provides standard guidelines which can easily be adopted globally but the implementation is still a formidable task in most of the developing countries. Even fatalities occurred more in USA and UK related to the medical negligence.

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) established a law but that is still under the
implementations. There are so many cases still under the questions? Victims and their relatives scream to get justice according to the rule of law. Maybe these are the
reasons, everyday negligences takes place if we took action against these negligences then I think every medical practitioner or professional doctors widely dilate their pupil and flash back to the moments of their life when they took the oath or responsibility on their shoulder to save the life of people rather than showing irresponsibility in their profession.

 We shouldn’t bury the mistakes of any professionals. We should learn from the past mistakes.

Errors/Negligence should not be ignored, the more we ignore the more we face the negligence every day and take the lives of innocence. People respect us and love us and we should never break their trust. We should try our best to maintain their trust that they put on us and not show any recklessness to the patients. We work hard during our academics just to save their lives than how we can forget all these struggles or efforts in one second. So if anyone needs us then we should always be ready to help them, sacrificing our days and nights, family gatherings or personal life because we are made to heal them. So we should be fully committed and be sincere with our ‘noble’ profession.

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