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I, Syeda Ramsha Ehtesham is a medical student in Ziauddin University. I am a writer on New London Writers, Bibliophile, and artist.

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“Loveria Vulgaris”, also known as “Love” is a chronic condition commonly found in teenagers throughout the world. The disease is epidemic and has a great impact on the lifestyle of the individual. It appears to be the same for both genders. Females having Loveria Vulgaris seem more serious while in males, it is more extensive. The majority of the patients get rid of the disease as soon as they mature mentally or due to the restrictions from the parents (if they notice it initially) whereas some patients suffer with it as a permanent disability.

The standard age of the disease is at puberty. The common causes are mostly the environmental factors like TV, cell phone, the internet, friend’s circle, feature films, dramas and extreme reading of love story novels. Androgenic influence tends to increase the severity of the disease. Scientifically, Oxytocin hormone is responsible for having such affection.

The disease usually begins with a flashlight after having eye contacts. It gradually increases in intensity. Almost all of the body organs are affected but the adverse affects are frequently seen in CVS (cardiovascular system) and CNS (central nervous system). Insomnia, motion sickness, deep sigh, heart beats faster and produces drumming sound, cello phobia, disturbed mental (cerebral) functions, anorexia nervosa are some examination findings found in the patients of Loveria Vulgaris.

Symptoms may appear possibly in the 7th or 8th week after exposure. The patient remains awake at night and sleeps during daytime especially during lectures. The patient loses concern in family matters, either looks untidy or well dressed, in some severe cases in males untrimmed beard and in female messy hairstyle, some keep on standing in front of the mirror. The findings vary according to the circumstances.

Most of the poetries in world’s literature are created by these patients. They are sensitive to the rainy season. If they are kept and become a jail prisoner, they start creating eternal poetries. Injustice poetries could be found on the walls.

Some patients recover spontaneously without treatment, however, the situation is associated with suicidal cases in certain patients.

No medical tests can diagnose “Loveria Vulgaris”. Only the symptoms and detailed history may help in treating the disease efficiently. The disease may cause dangers to the individual as well as create disturbance in the family if not treated initially.