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Yaghsha is an 19 year old inspirational writer, who seeks enlightenment from her surroundings and pour it in form of words. Self projection- is the first platform she has chosen to turn her writing passion into profession."
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Poetry is said to touch our hearts in such a way, that every word absorbed is seen resonated through the pores.

Just like that, on a Sunday afternoon on a dry rusted corner of a bookshop, I found; milk and honey.

Through these 203 pages, the poetess Rupi Kaur tells us an indirect story of all the things we touch, and experience, and live but never really understand.

Why should you read milk and honey, you may ask.

Here are 7 reasons why.


  1. It speaks the unspoken.

There’s a charm in things unsaid, right? Like how the signs and gesture of some things helps you to gather hints and in a way you know without them fully telling you. So here’s how she plays with our emotion, telling and not telling us at the same time- elaborating the hurtful events and making a connection- with us.



  1. It makes you understand praises

Within 11 lines, she reevaluated the concept of how important it is to be smart and intuitive rather than be only beautiful on the outside.



  1. You are your own savior.

It tells you everything you need, you will find within yourself, within the miles and miles of skin that you wear.



  1. With the loving, comes the breaking

Love is not easy, it will take you on magical adventures but once you’ve been taught what you need to know, it will depart- for you own betterment.



  1. And with breaking, you’ll find the healing.

Everything that aches your heart, will be gone one day. The storms will set, the rainbow will come, but till then, what you must do is trust in your soul.


  1. You can relate

Have you ever felt like you’ve been heard?

It makes you feel as if the tangles threads of your thoughts has been poured down in simple words so that you feel alright. You feel that you’re not the only one who feels as such, you’re not alone.



  1. You can embrace the feminism

You will feel comfortable in the patriarchy society where women can be a lot more than a tool for the preservation of social norms.


Now, go get it.