Fiza Baloch

Fiza Baloch

Fiza balouch, lives in Karachi. A business graduate.Lecturer by profession. An avid reader and an aspiring writer. she has authored a novel and couple of short stories. Her center ofwriting is social taboos , human rights and anything that can change the society as whole in positive way.
Fiza Baloch

Educational institutions are now confined to corruption one example of this kind of case is Jinnah University For Women which is situated near matric board office Nazimabad. It is an all women’s University which was supposed to be a support for the girls who are not allowed to study in a co-education system but unfortunately the University has become a nightmare for the students.

The University purposely puts us students in the list of short attendance and make grease money out of it, in order to appear in examination they have to pay Rs.3500/- per paper, these are the additional charges that they have to pay apart from the fees which makes whopping sum of Rs.40,000/-, not every student can afford heavy amounts like this, apart from this when a student submits any sort of application for leave they reject it by saying it doesn’t matter if you’ve any genuine reasons, even if it’s as dire as someone’s death. They reject the application at the spot, girls who are pregnant are forced to take classes right after the delivery they do not get any maternity leave or else they put them in the list of short attendance just so that they can have black money via extra fees. And nobody pays any head when teachers do not attend classes, they purposely don’t take classes and get full salary for the courses they haven’t taught yet.

Especially in the media studies department of Jinnah University For Women we students are forced not speak up against the faculty and point out dire issues of corruption of the management.

No teachers are available to teach us, nor they full fill the criteria of a lecturer, they are not qualified enough and are not trained to teach students.

Just in 4 years 9 HODs and 8 Deans of the Media studies department (Arts) have been replaced.

The management is a complete failure, teachers don’t attend our classes and then mentally torture us for paying extra fees just so that they can have money in their pockets.

Recently a major failure of the University was highlighted when in the convocation management failed to keep the belongings of students and their parents safe, management took away all the belongings like cell phones ,money and bags were stolen and management refused to took responsibility and fled the scene without answering to the queries ,this incident was even covered by electronic Media.

Teachers of Media studies department have been making hell for students and pressuring them to take exams in summer sessions, although teachers never took classes and they were appointed at the end of the semester,the semester consists of approximately 5 months and teachers were appointed on the 4th month of our semester, which led the pressure on students and now they are blaming students for all this.

Some students are on the verge of suicide because of the mental pressure and character assassination by the faculty.

The corruption is on its peak in Jinnah University For Women.

Keeping in view all this mental torture and fears we students live in moreover the educational institutions uses gender weakness as a tool to blackmail and malign students especially when we raise voice against this Injustice.

The only way to deal with this menace is that HEC should hold accountable University for this corruption and blacklist faculty and management for their gruesome acts.