Like countless other artists who came into this world oozing with talent, Ebonie Lamons also jumped into the painting and drawing long before she even started writing properly. Hailing from North California, she was encouraged as a kid, to find her way with paints and colors. She now pursues her passion with great enthusiasm that is very reflective in her work of art. A business manager by profession, currently she uses painting as a medium to escape from her very stressful corporate life. Painting is not only her talent but a medium of expression.


Mostly using acrylic paint and Sumi ink to draw, her primary medium of art is portrait painting. Like so many creative people out there, she fully utilizes the potential of the modern day medium, namely social media, to further her art. Using Facebook and Instagram as her major source, she would draw portraits of any of her followers, who would send her their pictures. Her art focuses on painting people who look visually more interesting and unique on a canvas. Hence she chooses pictures with engaging and captivating facial expressions and intriguing hairstyles. Sometimes she even chooses to draw a complete face, if the visual she receives is distinct and clear.


The subject of her portraits is mainly young and powerful women, belonging to different ethnicities and backgrounds. The first thing that attracts you towards her piece of art is the feelings that her portraits exhibit. Her portraits, most of whom are unsmiling, are very expressive and meaningful. They are not merely depicting an outward appearance of the subject, but also the inner essence of their feelings and emotions. But seriousness is not all you would find there. There are also portraits which are exuberating life and energy, through their forceful smiles. Hence her portraits are fully living up to Aristotle’s famous words, where he said, “The aim of art is to present not the outward appearance of things, but their inner significance; for this, not the external manner and detail constitutes true quality”.  Her brush strokes convey a deep understanding of her subjects of portrayal. Another striking feature of her portraits is the beautiful contouring of the figures she draws.


Sometimes she also explores another medium of art like Abstract. And unlike her portraits where she draws people, her abstract, true to the essence of its idea, depict a full force of the form, color, and pattern of drawing, using varied brushstrokes.

Najia Syed

Najia Syed

Najia Syed is a homemaker, and a mother of two. She has a passion for books and traveling. Writing is her favourite pass time
Najia Syed

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