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Turfa Oz

Existence of more than two genders & gender metamorphosis: Deception or Reality? This coin doesn’t have only two sides.

Logical, Scientific and philosophical backgrounds associated with gender modification.

“But biologically and physiologically there are only two genders”

“Sexes and Genders are two different things”

“There are no scientific pieces of evidence indicating the presence of more than two genders”

“If you are born a man, you cannot say you are a woman in a man’s body”

These are some of the arguments that cause a stir on different social media, electronic media and social platforms generally. While the cases are usually relying on biological and physiological models, many tend to ignore the psychological, psychosocial, philosophical and (somewhat) metaphysical relation.

Human beings have the most complex brains of all when it comes to critical, analytical thinking capabilities & conscious reasoning. It’s fascinating how emotional association with logic and reality can be correlated with perception by human brains based on both external stimuli and internal processes. The fact that human being in nature is creative and analytical both makes us relate rational behavior with mere emotional responses. A big name in the world of science: Albert Einstein somewhat gave us another insight into philosophical realism. He postulates objectivity of physical reality as logical essence.

While human mind creates human logic depending on the stimulus received and environmental, psychosocial (basically emotional) factors. The conscious subject is capable of understanding its point of view but also a state of affairs seen from another point of view. Human consciousness has an unusual trait known as Imagination. Imagination is an ability to change a point of view, that is, to cross to another system of reference, to another system of relations from whom the world is described by another manner. There are some very interesting results derived from research on people suffering from autism. According to the study conducted by English psychologist S. Baron-Cohen and his group [Baron-Cohen S. From attention goal psychology to belief-desire psychology // Understanding other minds. S. Baron-Cohen, etc. Oxford. 1993. P.17]. For autist there is not the false consciousness. He/she cannot acknowledge another person point of view. A suffering of autism considers that all persons see and aware of the world the same way. For autist distinction between the state of his/her consciousness and the state of the world does not exist. I’d like to relate this concept to the physiological and psychological models. In simple words: Perception, Imagination, Emotions directly or indirectly influence human actions. A conscious mind like a human may not only link emotional perception and imagination with reality, but It might manipulate the response based on its knowledge & analysis. Integrating behavioral psychology, philosophy, and biology, I’d come to the main point. In my opinion based on the elements above and other scientific backgrounds, I think it’s critical to consider perceptive reality rather than physical reality. It might sound a little confusing, but cognition has known to manipulate human anatomy itself (Genetics, biology reference). Elaborating the point: Some blind patients were found to be “able” to see. Their brains were able to create a visual image of the surroundings relying on auditory and sensory stimuli.

Sexes can be united, distinguished or absent depending on the organism but this is not about basic biology.

                                                    “We can create our own reality”

The urge of “gender metamorphosis” or modification of birth-gender can be related to personal choices, comfortability, perception, psychosocial factors, social norms and cultural aspects. Either way, IT IS REAL. From the feelings to the urge to the dysphoria and physiological adjustments, the existence of the concept cannot be denied. Genetically, XX or XY chromosomal aspect has nothing to do with basic neurology influenced by psychological and conscious processing. Perception & Imagination can affect physiology just like the hormones can be directly affected by stress, food, and environment.

It can NOT be counted as a mental illness because not everything different is a defect. So the next time somebody not a female by birth tells you “I feel more feminine”, Choose a broader set of subjects to analyze the situation. The arguments to this could be: “If they say they feel like a goat, we cannot turn them into one” or “You can’t mean that you feel 20 if you are 70”.

Oh well. I tell you what! They feel what they feel. They live how they want to. If they want to go live in a forest, that’s their choice but it certainly cannot be associated with mental dysfunction. How they perceive things is not dependent on other conscious being’s version of reality. We have to stop classifying every different or apparently odd act just because it goes against the norms or culture. The reason why many people are wrongly diagnosed with some mental illnesses is because we cannot stomach the idea of the difference of opinion, perception, and responses. Reminding you that homosexuality was known as an illness some decades ago. We were born to explore, discover. The freedom of expression, freedom to perceive and analyze is the privilege that makes us the most intelligent species on this planet. These conscious minds demand diversity. Intelligence drives us to the horizon farther than the surroundings. History is the proof that human beings cannot be told to walk straight in a line for centuries. The existence of free will and conscious reasoning influencing actions would fail any attempt to turn humans into early 21st century machines.

The topic was based on a realistic approach to the whole situation. It does not necessarily depict only biological, psychosocial or philosophical features. I consider it as a matter of integrative analysis including all these subjects.

Feature Image Credit: Paul Dano in Prisoners