Eman Adil

Eman Adil

Writing for me is sharing my own personal feelings through words whereas also covering the other major aspects that need to be highlighted while they go on in society
Eman Adil

Every one of us possesses a very different meaning of what we lose. The association that we create with such a word which always perceived as negative is something not understandable.  It is ourselves who relate to some of the things in a very stereotypical manner. While we focus on just the words alone and their perceived notions, we totally forget what its real meaning might be for others. It is not the case that what I feel for a thing would always be same for the other too.  We are all made in different ways, but we can relate to so many things with others. Still, the experience of feeling the things would always be different.

For maybe all of us have lost what we used to hold on to for so long. Maybe the courage to hold on everything has been lost somewhere within us. To everything we have lost on each other, Maybe It is better like this with no pain and no gains. Maybe the spark has just died somewhere within us. Maybe one shouldn’t even ask. Because what can you even do for that. I like the things that lost. Lost things do not lose until they are forgotten. I mean we didn’t lose our loved ones until we forgot them, Lost is not to say the thing that is not there for you anymore or the physical absence of anything that you lose. It is more than that and let me tell you this in an easy way.

Like if the flowers will lose their petal then is the time when more beautiful and new ones would come. But somebody asked me how we can know that all that comes replacing the old one is always beautiful? To this, I was amazed as to how everything can have its direction. Maybe that was the time when I started keeping my hidden things within me, rather than letting them go just like this. Maybe that is why my chest always feels so heavy even if I have nothing to lose or gain. Maybe I might have everything new, but maybe it’s the new ones that remind me more of my past ones. Like the songs that I used to play in the morning until I stopped playing them.

Maybe everything that I have lost will come to me in a way, like when a child gets misplaced and suddenly finds his mom so the feeling can’t be explained just like this. Maybe I find more of my hidden things in others, and maybe I just like it this way. Maybe it is just better to find what you have lost rather than looking at how you find it. The smell of rain, whistling of the wind, chirping of sparrows, my old school time songs playlist to the way I used to laugh and cry, to the way I used to sleep and dream. Everything that I have lost is a loss for me.

Your relationship with God can be all lost and not meaningful when you do not feel like connecting with Him. The time when a person feels vulnerable and feels like surrendering everything is also the time when he loses his self and just requires someone to be there.

An individual who loses his way in between doing something very meaningful but loses his way. That is he might be stuck between options or let’s just say he does not know anything by any means. It might be an example of a person who loses something involuntarily but what about an individual who goes astray and tries to lose everything on purpose? Maybe for him, it is a right decision and this way he has not lost anything. Or a person whose in a search for something that he has not even lost but neither is with him so what possible word would we give to such a situation.  What we need to understand is one needs to look deeper into situations rather than just associating words with them.

People might have told you not to lose patience, not to lose a winning game, not to fight for your right sometimes as you may not lose people and much more but how many times did they tell you how to correct the things or how to stand up for the things that you are missing? For this, there must be a fine line that a person should know by himself for what means losing to him. The problem starts at the point where we have been so much dictated to do everything in our lives that we do not even give a second thought to most of the things out there that what possible reason might be as to how things happen in a different manner. The point here is that many of the words have been learned by us in a way that there might not remain any doubt as to how we perceive them.

Don’t they say that everything you lose isn’t a loss?