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Muhammad Raees

Student at Rawalpindi Medical College.
Muhammad Raees

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Honour killings, trafficking, harassment, bridal burning for dowry, rape, some common stinging & mordant terms, all get wind of, off & on. Despite boosting graph of technology & education, their rates are continuously creeping up.

Gender Equality – term defined thousands of years ago, still we are lacking behind to apprehend. Talking about Asian countries i.e India, Pakistan: Statistical dominance of women is not altering their wheel of fortune. In Pakistan, Islam is a predominant religion with golden rules irrespective of what religion women has. Still, this statistical dominance is being sunken in the violent tumultuous social storm.

Grown up in mother’s lap, cheered up moments with sisters? Graying up hair shifts the thought curve to extreme levels for these relations, brutally ending up in violence with regrets somewhere or still riotous reviews and thoughts. Perplexion among society about women rights is boosting up abruptly between clashing mindsets and incompatible thoughts. Being burned, honour killed at one side in so-called “Legal Jirgas” and on the other racking up the victories to conquer the world.

Government Bodies on one side working for women rights neglecting the other side of the picture, as the regional political leadership been indulged up to root level in many cases especially in remote areas. Changing the perception toward issues is supreme exigency to abate the “social & psychological victimization”.

Why a rape victim has to go into the shell, mind pounding with “socially isolated” thoughts & fear of being mocked by society? Why is the family of honour killed sidelined, burning in hell of some sick minded people” for none?
For me, it’s us and society’s sick perceptions towards critical issues and government machinery’s failure to change perceptions & innovate perspectives. It can be fixed by education & law enforcement, again especially in remote areas. We promptly have to stop “Social & Psychological Victimization” of the victims to help them rise again, walk proudly, live peacefully and to prevent further cracks in harmony bridge among mindsets! And I am sure many Arfa Kareems, Samina Baigs will find theirself.

Feature Image Credit: Ayyappa Giri