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Afraz Jabeen

Afraz jabeen, a lecturer by profession. She has edited LCWU university magazine (2013-2015), she is an amateur writer. Her area of interest is existentialism, sufism, crime fiction.
Afraz Jabeen

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Writing about the effects of social media on the interpersonal relationship is common and provocative practice. Critics and writers highlight different dimensions of social media. The most common application is Facebook which According to Wikipedia has 1,712,000,000 users. An application that is more important than your lunch and dinner is meant for connecting people.

Believe me! This is not an application this is a blessing in disguise. It has magic in it. It helps you a lot in dealing with people. No matter how many faces they have.

It gives you multiple options the best one is “check in”. You can tell easily where you are and what are you doing. i.e you want to make your X realise that you are #enjoying with those friends who are not in the good book of him/her. You can add more spices by putting the “check in status” at your X favourite place without him/her.

This magical app helps you in numerous ways and the top most is “stalking”. i.e if you are in rishta age.  Every weekend ends with a new proposal or on the tips of shrewd matcher-maker aunties.  Don’t need to get panic. Just ask the name of girl and boy better is to ask the Facebook name of that person and then start working on your assignment. Remember our teachers always say “Google” the topic first. So put the name in search bar and then see the wonders.  His/ her profile, display picture, cover photos and all other visible items will take you in his /her world. If interest match then you can proceed towards “Qabool hai” if no then next can be considered. J

The World is full of opportunities. 😛

The advantages have not stopped here. It can take you anywhere, yes anywhere, even in the realm of Your crush.  Your recent crush is privacy conscious, oh… don’t be sad. Our magical power has some super powers as well. Make as many accounts as you want. People make the account with the name of their three days old son then why you can’t. Make an account with any decent name, other than (baby doll, candy doll, Papa ki princess, Raju, and Dhano).This task also needs some research. Work on finding out the interest of him/her then try to make your account as per the interest of him/her then the second step is “Friend request”. If stars are in your favor he/she will accept the request. In the case of seen and not responding  then…Follow him.

Keep one thing in mind, don’t do hurry in deleting or blocking anyone from your account. Haste makes waste.  Don’t keep people in your life but keep them your friend list. Add people and then never like, comment or share on any activity or recent update. View everything but without pressing any options. This trick is the best tip. You can take revenge of every ignorance by just ignoring their f.b posts.

P.S make haste in sending requests may be you will decide to send request tomorrow and he/she will cross the limit of friends and you will miss the chance.

Always share random sad posts and then receive sympathetic messages in “messenger”…:P

Moreover, enjoy all these blessings before it disguise itself.