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Fizza Naqvi

Fizza Abbas is a student from Karachi, Pakistan. She wants to be an avid reader.
Fizza Naqvi

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I love watching porn
for the sake of porn,
I won’t justify myself
by saying that I love human body
nor I will try to trigger your aesthetic sense
by saying I love beautiful things,
I won’t even say that
I love beauty in its crude form,
for, I’m unabashed,
I am not afraid of saying
that I love naked body,
I am not shy to confess,
I love human flesh
but I don’t desire to devour it
unlike a cannibal.
I don’t want your acceptance certificate
nor a medal of approval,
keep both these things to yourself,
you know what I want
some respect for porn actors/actresses,
for they are as human as you are,
as intelligent as you are,
as loving as you are,
as kind as you are.
Want to know the difference between you two?
if they love showing their bodies,
they do it blatantly,
and you,
if you love hiding your bodies,
you do it in a way
that your veils create controversies.