I guess we all want to know the secret behind this long-term charm for similar stories and the plots. What is there that can charm even a passer-by in about 5 minutes?

We all are Biggy and great fans of Indian drama and even if someone of you is denying it, you must have got attracted while switching through channels or when your mother or sister was watching those Indian drama serials. I bet a great percentage of 90’s Kids have watched “Shaka Laka Boom Boom” or “Sona Parri” and a lot more. It’s still making my heart throb rapidly as a lot many happy and sweet memories of mine are associated with them.

Now-a-days “Chotta Bheem” is quite renowned among children. That’s again a sort of Indian drama based cartoon.

Indian dramas such as ‘Kum Kum’, ‘Kasoti Zindagi ki’ etc. were a great charm for women folk when drama industry of Pakisan wasn’t working so well.

I have got the mystic code, which can enamor any human being that functions behind every Indian Drama serial.

*hero can be man or woman.

  1. Strong characters:

First tool is use of strong characters. The hero with whose name we remember the drama, is made a real strong character around whom the story revolves.

Most of us remember “Akshara” more than “Ye rishta kya kehlata hai”. Main character, mostly women, is highlighted the most, suffers the most, beautified the most and wins always for his perseverance.

Sometimes there’s pity for the hero for his sufferings. Sometimes there is disgust for the hero for not taking a strong action against evil and suffer silently.

  1. Long-term mourning periods:

There is more of a conviction of hero struggling against nature, fate or villain than mourning over the losses. There is no long-time mourning as it is in Pakistani drama which often averse a lot many people. There is more hope than despair as everyone fights against the other.

  1. Strong villain:

Without villains, there are no heroes.

Villain is a strong character too against whom hero’s strength of character is tested. His character never changes even after so much failing. Goodness never changes the evil heart and to be honest, we all very well know that they cannot be changed.

“Naagin” wants to change yet evilness of her nature one way or the other persists.

  1. Strong Plot:

Plots are strong and plot twists arrive at much later stage when it gets a bit mundane and typical. There is rarely a reversal of character traits which adds to plot line of the drama. It has a way similar of Greek tragedies with sufferings of the heroes and modern day plot of romance and humor to lighten up everything.

A single theme runs, which the title defines, throughout the play and helps strengthen the plot. Characters are leading tools than the plot. Single theme doesn’t allow characters to get derailed.

  1. Powerful dramatic effects:

A lot of drama, tension and mystery is created for long time periods with the technique of exaggeration. One single scene is highly stuffed with emotions and drama.


  1. Unity of time, action and place:

Unity of time and action is followed in every episode. It enhances the dramatic effect of the drama. Mostly similar aura or places are seen in every drama that keeps one from pondering over the background stuff.

  1. Technique of Romance and Humor:

Without romance, youthful energies aren’t attracted too easily. Without humor, oldies aren’t entertained as they are world-weary.

These two elements are well-integrated into the plot.

  1. Technique of mystery:

Tension is created using a technique of mystery which is spell-bounding. But it doesn’t lasts too long for the viewer to get bored of the drama.

A bit of mystery is left at the end for viewer to wait for the upcoming episode.

  1. Representation of Society and Family system:

Joint family system is depicted which is attractive for modern day people as well as for oldies.

We all want to have such a lovable relationship to bind us in its magic. Happiness is multiplied and sorrows are divided.

None is left behind but forgiven even if he/she is evil.

“Ceremonious events” and “religiously or traditionally important events” represent their religion, morals (sanskaar), tradition, language, society and so on. Though it’s only a representation of society not the real one. But that idealistic state attracts everyone.

Criticism continues that is common in our society which helps people easily relate to the cultural facts.

  1. Cinematic and Audio Effects:

Audio as well as cinematic effects at critical moments really enhance the mysterious effects of a scene and everyone is hooked up to the screen though at the back of each of their mind’s it’s already known that nothing is going to happen.

Yet even if you are doing something else, you are alerted by the audio effects.

Funny part is when the youth watches the whole episode only to make fun of every action and every aspect of the character and drama. Yet, inwardly, they all are getting interested by those cinematic effects, tensions as well as the mystery. Like every human being, they wait for answers.

  1. Repetition:

Repetition, the emblematic tactic, is quite funny yet it does allure viewers to see what happens next. The hope that good may win against the fear that evil might take over once again, makes viewers stay hooked up.

Humor lies in the fact that hero has to win always even if it takes rebirth of the hero-as “parerna” in “Kasoti Zindagi ki”.

  1. Fan following and Gossip:

They have a great fan following from the times when our dramas weren’t working so well. Gossips at get-togethers really make others feel being left behind. That is another factor in spreading the craziness.