So, after getting free from my exams I got some time to think about my life and what people out there have got to tell me. Yeah! My boss is patient enough to keep me in the loop even though when I am not working which is the best part of working.

What I have found on the internet is about achieving happiness as the primary goal of life. But, then there’s another person talking all about success in a very different perspective. There’s another faction talking about attaining peace and yet another about socializing. It all seems way more important when it’s being talked about and arguments are being given.

Yet, at the end of the day, it’s you who has to decide what’s more important and how you will create a perfect balance between knowledge (I would say particularly academic one), success, socialization, peace and happiness. But, let me tell you one thing…it takes a long time to learn it as we remain unaware for quite a long time.

Then I came across a video telling how future is going to be where identity is more of a number than a qualitative aspect of a human being. In near future, small computer chips will be reading our minds and controlling our thoughts, which doesn’t seem to be a far-fetched idea though…

But, these videos brought me to a question that why even after having an education equal to an Mphil, I have no knowledge about “The Art of Living”? Am I even well-prepared for future?

If today, we, insanely follow the trends without giving much thought to its morality or significance in our lives, it’s because we learn only to maintain our outer appearances which constitute our knowledge of the world (the IQ), our degrees, our apparels, our beauty, our external relationships (for they are rarely internalized based on genuine love in a present era of face book) and so on.

We are confident, bold, expressive, beautiful and near-perfect on the outside but what have we fed ourselves with on the inside other than academic knowledge or few skills of writing, painting, stitching, DIYS, competing?

When I desire to talk to people on a deeper level, I find their level only skin-deep and I fail to form a lasting connection. I achieved my experience on “The Art of Living” based on some really tough experiences and I still face them which backlash me on almost daily basis.

Yet, still I wish our teachers were our mentors more than just teachers and that our educational courses at university level had an additional course on “Practical Life”.

“Why should we fake a smile when we can smile in real?”

We are not trained to think optimistically and creatively. It’s only us who can save our future generation from the dark valleys of depression, addiction, social media, fake appearances towards a more real, deeper and richer life where minds always find possibility even on a blocked path.

We need to learn to control our minds than our natural emotions, feelings and expressions. I said it based on stereotypical images of “boys cannot cry” and “girls cannot live alone”.

“We are responsible for our deterioration. We have forgotten how to live..!”

We have real busy routines and a lot to get ourselves engaged in but no one tells us to take 5 minutes out of the whole day and breathe and relax. One of my friend told me so when I always complained that I am engaged with work all the time and it’s a hectic routine. I ignored it despite knowing the fact that it’s important as much as that glass of water which we always forget to drink. We need to realize and acknowledge the bitter truth about how we are destroying our lives.

I never had a mentor to tell me “How perfect I am”. I had to tell it to myself and repeat each day for “WHAT’S BEING REPEATED IN YOUR MIND IS WHAT BECOMES A REALITY OF YOUR LIFE”.

“Know thyself” is a well-known phrase and thousands of people hit likes of just these two words but I only hear counted few who go beyond the words and explain what deep and huge ice-berg it carries with it. We need to learn to go beyond appearances in an era full of illusions and falsity. Or else we will keep falling and keep getting hurt till the day we learn our share of wisdom.

Now, what are we sharing on Social Media? We are not sharing our worries on social media but our fears, we are fanning the flames to destroy our beings and allow people to add more fuel to fire.

We need to be saner to distinguish between personal and professional worries. Trusting everyone in such an untrustworthy world can be our fault. First, trust your own self and your unnoticed instincts, they predict better than negativity that comes from other people.

It’s easy to say “Be Positive” than to be like one. Why our teachers left us at our own mercy instead of talking to us about it. Is it because of the common attitude “He/She loves to advice at every moment”? It’s true, yet, we need awareness about what goes inside us and how it works than outer trash for then we can be capable enough to mould anything according to our own will.

Hope, mentorship begins at university level which prepares us when we, youthful minds full of energy and potential, are stepping in our practical life.