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Writing and law have been my passions. Their fusion is what I live, now.Studying LLB & working as Paralegal Associate at Khosa Law Chamber.
Sana Khan Afridi

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Love should be celebrated every day, Love is something which starts even before our birth even before the egg reaches the womb.
In fact, love is the basic union which leads to our birth. The formation, the mate & made is all because of love.
Being in love is an amazing feeling. It comes with some cons too but trust me the pros are more valuable.
I & Him been in a relationship for five years and entering into our sixth year Alhamdulilah.
We were too young despite knowing the fact that he’s seven years elder than me I fell for him & definitely fell real hard.
We have been engaged for exact two years & on our second engagement anniversary, we were celebrating our Walima day.
Alhamdulilah got married on 24th December 2016 and living happily.
In all these years and even being an enthusiastic, lost in love kind of twenty-two-year-old girl I & Him never ever celebrated Valentine’s day. It’s not that we are anti-Valentine’s day it’s just that we always thought love should be celebrated every day & we did try celebrating it every day.
Rizwan (my Husband) is known for his wit, humor & snap chat stories from my account.
This year I spent Valentine’s day sleeping & he being busy in work. Later at night we went for a usual dine out had pizza (which I regret now) and came home around 12ish.
As I removed my makeup some old memories stuck into my mind, every year we don’t celebrate the Valentine’s day but Rizwan make sure to surprise me every single year exactly after 12 AM on 14th February (meaning 15th’s start) I sighed & thought this year is going to be different as there were no signs of him being proactive.
Suddenly I heard some weird voices & footsteps coming towards me though I was a bit hesitant & scared to open the door but gathered courage & opened the door.
Aaaaaaaand guess what!! There he was standing outside our room with a beautiful bouquet of red roses (according to him flowers are waste investment, should be loved & cared only) and an amazingly yummy cake by Kitchen Cuisine (my favorite). But this is not what I want to tell the whole world the story is different, very different. People around us absolutely love his humor so when I saw the message written over the cake I literally rolled on the floor laughing. The message stated “happy vailatime day”.
I was shocked & extremely excited by the act. There were tears of joy in my eyes & a big brighter smile.

Again he said this isn’t Valentine’s day celebration sweetheart it’s the celebration about having vailatime (free time – a term used in urdu).
We laughed together and guess what ladies your Saas (mother in law) isn’t a monster always, she’s no alien but mother & respectable figure to your husband.
This whole vailatime day celebration was conspired by my mother in law & husband for me. So my advice to all the married & soon to be married girls is be yourself, never bow down on wrong things, Be straightforward in your thoughts, share them, be friends with your husband’s family, they are no enemies & give enough love & respect to the first lady in your husband’s life, love & good will come to you, for sure! 😀
A big thank you to my husband Rizwan (Rizu) & Ami.
Much Love.
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