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Femke is a Bujo enthusiast.Loves to binge watch series on Netflix.
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The Bullet journal, if you’ve been on any social media site lately, a chance is you’ve read or heard about them already. Bullet journaling is an idea by Ryder Caroll and is a nice way to get a hold on your life. After sharing this invention, it has become viral. When you search for it on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, you will see many pages out of various notebooks being shared. What started out as a tool to get organized, has grown out to be so much more. The prettiest of spreads, with lots of drawings, hand lettering, washi tapes, stickers etc. have taken over the Internet by storm.

I myself joined this hype about 7 months ago, on July 1st 2016 to be exact. I just finished school and I wanted to keep myself in an organized and productive mood throughout my summer break. I am quite an artistic person and loved all the flourished pages I saw popping up on Pinterest and Tumblr. But even for me, it felt kind of overwhelming to see all these extras. The social media craze seemed a bit over the top, I thought. It’s just a handmade planner system after all. Either way, I tried it out. I looked up the original system and everything else I could find before I actually started. I bought a dotted notebook just because it seemed like the best kind. And so I fell down the rabbit hole…

It wasn’t just functional anymore, I was starting to enjoy it. I took my notebook anywhere I went, accompanied by a pencil case full of fine lines and colouring pencils. It was becoming one of my biggest hobbies, and on top of that, I could keep track of anything else I did in my life. I always enjoyed keeping a notebook like that when I was younger, but I never stuck to it. This time, I did. On January 1st 2017, I started on the next one.

Why do I love bullet journaling so much? It’s the best tool I have found to keep me focused. I never forget any of my appointments or assignments ever again. Besides that, I can put any kind of tracker or collection inside whenever I feel like it. I don’t need a thousand halfway filled journals anymore, it’s all in one place. I can make it minimalistic when I don’t have the time to pretty things up, and when I do feel like it, I can decorate it any way I want. You can vary your spreads to whatever layout you need at the time, while most printed planners have a fixed layout that doesn’t always fit your needs at the time.

There are however some downsides to it, but these are entirely my own fault. I’m getting addicted to everything bullet journal related. I have bought heaps of pens, brushmarkers, stickers, sticky notes and the like, just because they were pretty and I had to have them. I know some people feel the need to buy these stuff themselves, just because they see many other people in Facebook groups buying these things. Some people even start appologizing for their more minimalistic way of bullet journaling, just because it’s mainly the extremely pretty pages that are being shared online.

Some people are against this side of the bullet journaling hype. There are separate Facebook groups for those who only feel like the functionality is what they need. I myself like to change it up, and try to make it both fun and functional.

So many people are intimidated by all these flourishes they find on Instagram. Every picture seems to be perfect, as if it’s all made by professional photographers. To show people it doesn’t have to be that way, I also made an Instagram account where I sometimes share pictures of my bullet journal. I don’t make the backgrounds look pretty, I don’t make some kind of scenery before I take the pictures, I just take them the way they are. Yes, sometimes my desk is messy and I don’t always have a cup of tea, a plant or a healthy snack in sight. I LOVE the accounts that show this site of bullet journals, but it’s just not me. My pictures aren’t always very clear and I make mistakes on my pages. But that’s life, it doesn’t have to be perfect. I try to be perfectly happy with my imperfect life.

That’s why I chose my Instagram name to be www.instagram.com/imperfecte.perfectionista
Here are some of my pictures, for those who are interested. And maybe some of you will start following me (if this has sparked your interest).