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Zainab Cheema

She is a paradigm of 'you only live once'. She is an explorer and a risk-taker. 'It's fun to be young', she believes.
Zainab Cheema
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Mubarak ho beti huvi hai, hearing this one line altered the smiles on their faces to frown and 9 months of excitement to a life time of anxiety. How will they face everybody? What is everybody going to say? Where are they going to get resources for her marriage? All these fears flooded their minds exactly at the moment this line was uttered. But the most important question, ‘How is the little soul going to survive in this hell when her very own parents are mourning over her coming into existence?’ remained buried somewhere.

Yes. This is the story of every girl whose birth is not celebrated but lamented. Who craves for her father’s love and her mother’s attention. Who is just a mass of mud trying to fit in. What’s her fault? What part has she played in her own making? She is not the one who got to choose her chromosomal pairing – XX or XY. Yet she is compelled to face the music of something her innocent mind is unaware of.

I would use the word zulm here to describe what the little innocent soul has to go through. Zulm is a very vast word with deep meanings. Beating, abusing, starving – these are the surface landmarks to define this word. In my opinion, inequality, depriving one of the basic rights of food, shelter, education, love, respect, liberty and personal security is zulm. The things not considered important by a majority in our society and hence neglected. The little girl has to undergo this worst form of zulm.

The ill-illiterate finish the whole story by just stealing her right to live. Those who gulp their fears and are generous enough to give away this right, cross their limits later, thinking of it as their legal duty. Starting from childhood, where her brothers are habitual of listening to the magical word yes – She only gets to hear the opposite no.

Maa I want new clothes for EidBari behn kay kapray hain na wo pehn lo. Abu I want to go to school with bhai jaan tooLarkyan ghar kay kaam karti hain parhai kar kay kiya karna hai. Bhai jaan let me ride your cycle- Larkiyan cycle nae chalti. Go and fetch me a glass of water.

How could you do this to an innocent soul? What is her fault? Bhai apna kaam khud nae kar sakta? Why is he considered superior? She has two arms and two legs just like him. She has the same mental level as him. She works all day in home while he plays and in the end he become superior to her. Why? Why is he not made to run his own errands? Why does she have to do his tasks? Huh? This concept of girls’ doing all the household chores and boys enjoying all the luxuries breeds inequality which in turn breeds discrimination. Anyhow, she does run all his basic errands without questioning but when it comes to her basic needs all she gets to hear ; Tum agalay ghar jaa kay hamari naak katwao gi. Why? Have they ever thought how painful this one sentence is? How it kills her every time she hears it. No. Nobody has the time to think about that. She is made to live as a stranger in her very own house. Hush-hush. ‘Apnay ghar jaa kay jo karna hai karna‘ but her fantasy is crushed into a million little pieces when she is treated even worse there.

Growing up in this kind of male dominant society made her want to run free. She is a living being with a totally active heart and equally active mind. She has the ability to think. She feels. She has needs. She has talents. She wants to have a life. She wants to enjoy the freedom. She wants to get her self-enlightened. She wants to be something. She wants to leave a mark. This is what she craved for. Childhood passed. Teenage long gone. Married. Mother of three sons and a daughter. Seeing her mother following the legacy and converting her into a useless muddy doll burned a flame of anger in her. She can’t do the same to her Fatima. She can’t murder Fatima’s dreams and her peaceful smile. She chose to take a step. She chose to let her Fatima fly. She chose not to camouflage the shine in Fatima’s  eyes. She chose to let her conquer the wilderness and be free. Change is the only constant in life. At least now she can die in peace. Rebels are life of this world. Rebellion leads to free. She killed the gender disparity. Started from her own little world and gave others hope.




  1. U just Talk abt Dark side of the Image ,
    In society still, some Parents proud in that they got Daughter.
    Dafuq, is that u jst talked about male dominant society , by saying these words Girls always become innocent
    In society we listen
    *aurat maa hai behan hai beti hai bV hai *
    *apna ghar chor kar ati hai*
    Have u ever think,man have the same type of relations
    *wo apni pori zindgi barbaad kr detta us k liyay jo usy janti v nae *
    ???? still Aurat masoom e rehni taa zindgi