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Meerum Awan

Aspiring to remove the worst aspects of this country because I believe we're capable of the best and I believe in us. I like to look at things from an unconventional angle which is why I find interest in the things that people can only whisper about and in the outcasts of the society.
Meerum Awan

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All I can see around me is eyes, glaring at me with nothing but lust in them, gawking at every single part of my body. I notice all kinds of eyes every day. There are those that haven’t seen any of this before, those that come here every day and can’t get themselves to quit, the curious ones who have a different motive, the ones that don’t treat us like shit, then there are those that haunt me even in my sleep.

As I swirl my body in front of the bad assets of the society, I can’t help but give way to the thoughts that come racing in the minute I look at all these faces, Will I ever be one of those women who sleep at night and work in the day, not the other way round, who only get tired of the household chores. Who don’t get treated like crap.

These men come here to find the satisfaction that they don’t get in their houses and spouses. I give them what their wives can’t. I can’t help but wonder if they’ll ever treat me with the same respect that they treat them. I’m a woman just the way she is. The difference is that she’s permanent while I’m temporary. I imagine her in worn out clothes, saggy skin, not wearing any makeup and here I am in these shimmery clothes looking the best of myself. I look better even when I’m not dressed up. I’m even more charming if they come during the day. Yet I’ll never be anywhere near them.

This society uses me and uses me so much that now I am an integral part of it. The frustrated men who can’t take their sexual frustrations out on their wives, they come to me. They take it out on me. If I didn’t exist, they would rape someone. The raped could be a child who is done for the rest of his/her life. It might be a teenage girl who will try to bury the incident in her and in the end, the weight will be too much for her to carry and she’ll probably kill herself. It could be someone’s wife who will never consider herself worthy of her husband again. I prevent that from happening. I provide them a place where they can get rid of their sexual frustrations, giving nothing but money.

I can’t be exempted from the society. I’m wanted. And yet, it is a bad thing to talk openly about me. I need to be used all the time and yet I’m not given any protection. Why can’t I have laws for me the way everything else has?
If I’m no longer wanted than how about you give me something else to do and a place to live in so that I can earn and live a respectful life. You can’t keep on treating me like I’m the one who’s unwanted. Decide!
Do you want me or not? If you want me than accept that you do and give me the respect and protection that is rightfully mine.

Thousands of prostitutes die every year due to STDs. Some are killed by overly frustrated men. They didn’t ask for this life. They were forced into it because they had to feed their children, they were sold into it, their husbands refused to earn, they needed to pay for their parents’ treatment, they were kicked out by their husbands and didn’t have to place to stay and so many other reasons.
If you think that prostitution should be made legal in Pakistan and that sex workers should be given protection and respect than vote YES, and if you think that prostitution is polluting the society, that it should be illegal, that current sex workers should be given food, shelter and some other job through which they can earn for themselves then vote NO.