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Aiza Chaudry

Remember when they used to play”sayonee” or “Junoon sey aur Ishq sey milty hey Azadi” on TV and you, forgetting everything used to run towards that magical box, impersonating Salman Ahmad and pretending to be the Ali Azmat of the millennium, even if only in your head? Remember singing along to Bilal Maqsood, performing in a concert of your own, air- guitaring and air-drumming and jumping, eyes glued to the TV?

Ahhh! The days of glory!

Being an 80’s or the 90’s baby definitely, has its perks. Throughout my early teens, Linkin Park was a guilty pleasure, but from there on I moved onto Bon Jovi, Whitesnake and Bryan Adams, taking the lifelong road to heavy metal. Whichever path we took, going junooni all the way with Junoon and singing Dil Dil Pakistan with Vital Signs or swaying to the euphoric music of Junaid Jamshed are all most of us can recall from our memoria and we all drown in the river of nostalgia every now and then, listening to those tracks.

The music these days is no less epic but the music back then was sublime.

Ever thought what happened to all those divine bands or musicians? Why did they part ways?

The list compiled below is the proof that all the good and the beautiful things in the universe eventually come to an end.


A heartache to many of us folks. A sweet pang, when I think of this band. Think about their promising music, what they started was beautiful. An amalgamation of Rock and Sufi music. As mentioned above, all beautiful things eventually come to an end. Where there’s inception there’s an end. They left us hanging, craving and screaming for more. I still secretly pray for a reunion. Ali Azmat, albeit, is not really an ideal person in my opinion yet his vocals are definitely what most of us adore. Anyway, they parted ways like a mad husband and a wife who can’t stand each other. There were issues-change of mind- separation and finally divorce. Ali Azmat couldn’t stand Salman Ahmed and vice versa. Sadly, it isn’t the band he despises, it’s Salman Ahmad. Clearly, the change of vision and goals.

But come on Ali Azmat grow up! Aren’t you too old to hold grudges? But then these days you really are not.

The ex Junoon member has paved a way of his own, carried on a solo music career, targeted the big screen, and yes, we’re speaking ever so politely of the Bilal Lashari’s film “Waar.”

Learn something for your own lyrics perhaps Ali Azmat Sir

Chorr meri khata
Tu to Pagal nahi

Whatever, grievances you guys are carrying, let go of them already, forgive and forget?

The Strings

This one disbanded and reunited in their baby years, back in 1992. Reunited in 2000 (it’s okay, this breakup and patch-up drama ends with their reunion), unlike Junoon they cared enough for their fans or fading name hence, made a comeback. Don’t know about you guys, I still enjoy listening to their oldies, “Anjana, Durr and Kahani Mohabat ke hey mukhtasir etc.” on replay. The band has some of the best lyrics, poetic ones too that make this band all more addictive. During the era between 1992 and 2000, they were all busy with their not so fun lives, unless your definition of fun involves pursuing business studies in Houston, Texas like Faisal Kapadia. Bilal, on the other hand, took classes at an art school and later on worked as a creative head at an advertising agency which if not entirely fun is somewhat fun. Meanwhile, as their name slowly faded to black they decided the band needed more exposure and to this day you see them performing live with or without Meesha. They have been active in and out of coke studio. They have directed season 7 and 8 of Coke Studio and have been to India and Singapore too. Even though the show now goes on without Rafiq and Kareem, the former members of Strings.
Hopefully, like their track their story isn’t going to be “mukhtasir”.

Good job guys. Keep it up!


Formed by Zulfiqar Sahab, Danish J. Khan, Khurram J. Khan and Omer Pervaiz. Omar left the band far too soon to pursue his solo career in music in form of Naqsh. It should be a crime, band members leaving. Anyway, soon the bassist, Shahzad Hameed too left to focus on his solo career. This band like many others thought it compulsory and mandatory to break up, with Danish leaving the band forever and Zulfiqar sahib focusing on his own career in form of Entity Paradigm as well. Isn’t it rather selfish? To forget a collective effort and part ways? If anything, it’s unfair to the fans who die every time a band breaks up. Long story short all of them parted ways, some had another band to focus on to and some had family obligations. They patched up in 2002 only to release an album in 2005, jilawatan and there on, laree chooti, a personal favorite, to dhadke jiya, and ye pal etc. for Bollywood.

The band hasn’t been through another break up thankfully and now comprises of Zulfiqar Sahab, Junaid Khan, and Sultan Raja.

Vital Signs

Formed and emerged right through Islamization in 1986 with Rohail Hayat on Keyboard, Shahzad Hassan as Bassist, Nusrat Hussain on guitars and guess who? Yep, JJ-Junaid Jamshed on Vocals. They were quite influenced by Pink Floyd, The Police, Scorpions and Led Zepplin and were the first ones to lay an emphasis on performing live. They opened up the door to the modernization of music in Pakistan. And yes, break up was a must, they broke up in 1998 with JJ pursuing a solo career and he has given us great music. Rohail opened up a production company and Shahzad went on his way to becoming a Music Producer. Despite integrating, I think they will forever be remembered and their music cherished. Although, I wish they had never broken up.

A band that started off in garages and university until one day noticed by PTV’s section director Shoaib Mansoor didn’t have to end. Junaid Jamshed later on gave up on msuic because he wanted to use his gift to praise God and now God has him. R.I.P!

Jal The Band

What do you recall from this? If your answer is Atif Aslam then dear reader “cheers” because this is all I can think of. Put Atif Aslam in hashtag along with “Aadat” and Gohar Mumtaz. Like the above-mentioned bands, this one too went through many changes. Formed in 2002 by Atif Aslam on vocals and Gohar as the lyricist, guitarist and vocalist too later joined by Omar Nadeem. We all know the famous tale of what happens next. Atif leaves owing to some differences pursuing a solo career and Mumtaz recruiting Farhan Saeed as the next vocalist and Amir as the bassist of band preventing its inevitable destruction. But let us not be dramatic for all must perish today or tomorrow. The band was successful and everything was finally for once going smooth considering the success of 2004, the best-selling album is what a band yearns for and they had it followed by more successes.


We’re not done yet, because in 2011 Farhan Saeed too left the band to pursue his solo career, the same old story or personal ambitions and dreams and goals. Aamir too left.  This forced Gohar Mumtaz to fill the empty slot and become the vocalist. Trust issues?

Seeing these bands breakup, even I have trust issues.