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Aiza Chaudry

Ladies and gentlemen, by now most of you have probably heard of this amazing human being who goes by the name Faran Kiani. Yes, yes, the writer-come-lawyer guy who writes fantasy novels. And yes, I’ve had a shot at interviewing him, as he just released his second book and Book 1 of his series, “Five Wishes: And The Prophecy Of The Prince”

Thank you for taking out some precious time out of your busy life Faran for the interview!

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Ans: My name’s Faran Kiani. I’m a lawyer by profession and a novelist by passion. I’m from Rawalpindi, Pakistan and love to grobble in my imagination at night (most of the times).

You’re Pakistan’s first Fantasy Adventure Novelist and you have been getting a lot of glory and stardom for sometime now. What does it feel like?

Ans: Well, to be honest I’m starting to have doubts regarding that title of mine. I wouldn’t undeniably declare myself as the “FIRST” but yes what I would declare as unique is my genre and the style that I created known as POVEL (merger of a poem and novel, having 40% of its dialogues in poem pattern. It’s sort of a Sing Along Fantasy adventure Book). So yes that’s I think first-timer kind of a thing in Pakistan or anywhere else around the world for that matter. As far as my “stardom” is concerned, yes, Alhamdulillah I’ve been getting good and hefty reviews from notable Hollywood celebs, people who read my work all around the world and it feels amazing to get to know that your work and efforts are being appreciated. Other than that I’ve never been stopped by someone at a marketplace for an autograph yet so, lol, let’s hope someone does that soon enough and I can forcefully include myself in the list of celebrities and wear shiny shades ????

What made you decide to sit down and actually start something?

Ans: “In difficulty lies opportunity” – Albert Einstein.  I was going through rough/difficult times and those times coerced me to sit down and think what I wanted to do with my life. (I tell about my times in my public speaking sessions though ????)

What are your ambitions?

Ans: to do something amazing for myself, my parents and my country.

What draws you to this genre?

Ans: My thirst to lance out of reality and inspire myself with my own imagination.

What inspired you to write the books you have written?

Ans: If you talk about the “books” alone. Well, one man and one series J.RR TOLKIEN. And Lord of the rings.

What are your favorite characters from the books you have written? Are any of them in anyway based on real life people?

Ans: It has many characters and I almost like everyone since they were a creation of my own mind (no they don’t resemble with anyone in real life). It wouldn’t be fair to the others if I picked just one as most favourite.

What are some of your favorite authors? Did they influence you to write? Do they have an impact on your writing style?

Ans: Like I said, J RR TOLKIEN, J K ROWLING, C.S LEWIS were the people who drew my attention towards fantasy adventure novels. But as far as the “style” is concerned especially Five Wishes… it was all my own.

How long on average does it take you to write a book?

Ans: Five Wishes And The Prophecy of The Prince took me 2 years to write and further 1 more year to get it published. I think it’s a start to my timeline is a bit long. But since I’ve only declare two of my book as “published works” I don’t seem myself as a writer to declare or draw a certain timeline in which one can finish a novel. But overall I think 1 year is enough for a full-time author. That’s standard time. In my case I had a lot of other things to take care of.

Did you get writer’s block while writing “Five Wishes: And the prophecy of the Prince” ?

Ans:  Oh yes… It’s an 80 thousand word novel and I started crying when I reached 60 thousand ????????????

If a movie was to be made on Five Wishes: And The Prophecy of The Prince, which actors/actresses would you like to see playing the lead character?

Ans: It’s not for me to decide. Casting directors decide that. But I’m a huge of Johnny Depp and I’d like to squeeze him in somewhere. lol.I believe Five Wishes: And the Prophecy of the Prince is a book series. Any spoilers for fans regarding your next book?

Ans: The name of the next part is “Five Wishes And The Dawn of the Wizard Lords”.

  1. If you could put the feeling you get when you write in one word what word would that be?
    Ans: “Ecstatic”.
  2. Who designed the book covers?

Ans: I imagined It, A friend of mine, Aniqa Haider designed it.

Do you write on a typewriter, computer, dictate or longhand?

Ans: Laptop.

Do you agree with the sentence “a great reader makes a great writer”?

Ans: Yes, and I’m a terrible reader. I need a lot of reading in my life. Do lend me some novels ????

What book are you reading at present?

Ans: “Civil jurisprudence” ???????? … lol like I said I need some good reads presently. I’m out of stock!

What is your favourite positive saying?

Ans:When you liberate yourself from your own fears, you automatically give others the permission to do the same“.

What is your favourite film and why?

Ans: Lord of the rings trilogy, The Hobbit series any other series of J RR TOLKIEN, that comes after these lol and I’ve mentioned the reasons above .

Your favourite animated film?

Ans: Shrek, how to train your Dragon, tangled etc.. etc… I love animated movies, so, I wouldn’t just pick one.

What is your favorite quote?

Ans:The service you do for others is the rent you pay here on earth” – Muhammad Ali.

Your favourite people on planet?

Ans: My mum, my daughter.

Your favourite food/s?

Ans: Anything edible, I’m not snobbish or selective about food.

What kind of music you like?

Ans: Again… It’s a long long list, my friend ????????????

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Ans: “Why didn’t you think of what you’re thinking right now when you were 14?!” ????????

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ans: At Johnny Depp’s house and playing fetch with his dog ????????

What advice would you like to give to your readers?

Ans: Second edition of Five Wishes is coming! Don’t be greedy grammar Nazis, you cruel people… Have some mercy! ????????.

Or anyone who wanted to begin their writing careers?

Ans: Once you start… don’t stop.

How can readers discover more about you and you work?

Amazon Author Page:

Now, to you folks quench your thirsty souls this weekend with a copy of “Five Wishes: And The Prophecy Of The Prince” and spread the word.
Happy Reading!