Eman Adil

Eman Adil

Writing for me is sharing my own personal feelings through words whereas also covering the other major aspects that need to be highlighted while they go on in society
Eman Adil

What gives you the right to judge others on their appearance? The fact that no one is perfect and that everyone is perfect in their own ways, says it all. One of the most discussed topics on social sites and all around is that fat shaming is good in a way, that it motivates individuals to work on their body and reduce weight in return, which is totally pointless. Fat shaming basically means that insulting a person over his body or appearance and that it is all up to his/her eating habits that has led to this all. Fat people are made to be looked upon themselves as ugly and worthy of nothing just like some of the major other things that might seem to look up as unacceptable. The major stereotypes associated with fat people is that they are thought to be lazy, don’t have self-control, they are stupid and that it is not normal to have a lot of fat on your body.

Most of the times the under-lying motive is not to motivate the individual to lose his/her weight, in fact just to embarrass them and feel superior in a way that they are more beautiful without being fat which is what we need to change as part of our perception. The fact that Fat people tend to eat more after fat shaming because they get depressed and leads them to eat more actually shows that it does not work on individuals in this way. How would it feel to you that where ever you go, what everyone has to talk to you or about you is just your appearance and nothing else? Waking up in the morning and looking at yourself in the mirror and realizing that you would have been beautiful if this fat was not a part of your body and that everyone would have actually given you importance if you were not fat.

In one of the research that I conducted was closely observing one of my cousin who is a part of this very abuse. I had a small question and answers session with her too in which she told me the problems and solutions to this issue. When I asked her that what goes in her mind at the very first place when someone does fat shaming so she told me that at first she feels that she gets in a complex that yes they are right, I should reduce my weight but soon after realizing that things can work out even without not thinking too much or stressing on the same topic since childhood so she motivates herself and tells that she is perfect the way she is. Also, she told me that it is not easy reduce fat in just some weeks and it needs proper time and devotion. Being a student it gets very hard for her to focus on her body rather than her studies. People only see what they see but not that if it was that easy or in her hands so she could have overcome this issue years ago. It is the confidence that shuns on the very first place and such individuals tend to think about themselves as being worthy of nothing.

Why not let people live the way they are and except of objectifying them, just praise them as who they are because even if not talking about fat shaming is not going to work then talking about it is not going to work either. It is what our society needs to realize and change their mind sets in order to proceed further. I do not deny the fact that it is not totally bad in a way where it actually motivates some individuals and they realize it before being actually a victim of this issue. Motivating individuals through fat shaming goes wrong where the individual starts to realize that it is all his/her fault and becomes less thankful as he thinks he was born with it. Many of the organizations have actually started to do research on this issue and have started several campaigns where they support individuals who face fat shaming and trying to give this issue more importance as it should be given.