Meerum Awan

Meerum Awan

Aspiring to remove the worst aspects of this country because I believe we're capable of the best and I believe in us. I like to look at things from an unconventional angle which is why I find interest in the things that people can only whisper about and in the outcasts of the society.
Meerum Awan

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“Treat people the way they treat You.” I remember people saying that. A lot of people follow this rule but I never understand why. If you do good to someone who did bad to you, maybe they’ll never do bad to anyone. Most of us have lost all our faith in humanity. We expect the worst of the worst from people. That drives us to adapt to them. We want to be cautious all the time. We don’t trust fully. We keep a look out for our friends who can do us bad. We can never be in peace, completely. We think that there’s no good left and we don’t want to get trolled.

              But what if we were wrong? What if there still were people who would never do bad to anyone. If, for once in your life, you can do good to somebody who fucked you up hard in the past, do it! It might change him. Because people aren’t bad, Sometimes, they do stuff that is bad and they hurt the people who love them. That one thing doesn’t define their personality and their character which is why they deserve good. Trust me you could change somebody’s life. You could stop someone from hurting people just by making them realize that it’s okay if they feel a certain way about a certain thing that it’s okay to mess things up. Instead of making it worse by telling them all the things they did wrong, you could motivate them by telling them that they’re capable of so much more, that they can make things right and that it’s all going to be okay in the end.

For the short amount of time that you are in this world, change someone’s perspective about the world. Make them a better person just by being understanding. Whatever bad somebody is doing, something happened in their life that drove them to do that. They weren’t like that. So understand people. Instead of making them lose their leftover faith in humanity by judging them, you could understand them. One of the people you know drinks and is bad to women, instead of bashing him with all the labels, you could go and offer to understand whatever they have against them, Nobody is born with hatred. They see something happening for a long time or they went through a loss or an accident that made them hate something. By understanding for once, you could make them trust you and then you could try to change their views about that.

We could make this world such a better place to live in if just we start understanding people, If we stop judging and putting labels on everyone. Be good to people who did bad to you and they would think 10 times before doing bad to someone and eventually they would stop. In the end, what matters is what you did in your life to improve the world. What did you leave behind? You can leave the world a better place than it was before you by just being understanding and not judging.