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Khubaib Azad Samdani

He is 18, a life enthusiast, self-confident and motivation hoarder. He loves to stroll on unpaved horizons. Here at Self Projections, he writes about things which matter in life.
Khubaib Azad Samdani
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Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet to mankind sent by Allah. He is the central figure of Islam. He was the merchant, religious leader, social change-maker, and a perfect human being.

His life is a paragon of truthfulness, righteousness, and love for mankind. I picked those sayings of Muhammad (PBUH) which are tiny life lessons and really useful for our self-improvement and personal development.

1.Ask Questions

A good question is half of knowledge. If chain of questions keeps popping up in your mind, it is a healthy reminder that your knowledge on a specific topic is incomplete. Even if you read thousands of books, your knowledge is like a drop in a deep ocean. Keep asking. You will not always get a right answer but this will engage you to dig deep and keep learning.



2. Smiling Is Free. Always Keep It On Your Face 

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went through many disappointments, setbacks, and failures but he never showed it on his face. He always had a smile on his face that was very attractive. He used to meet people with open heart and a warm smile.




3. Have A Good Company

The empty mind is the devils workshop. Prophet (PBUH) advised us to be in good company than to be alone. But if to have to choose either a bad company or a solitude, choose solitude.




4. Have Self Control

Stay calm when you are angry. Self-control is not inherited. It is a skill to be learned. Train your mind to resist negative ideas and it will improve your emotional intelligence as well.



5. Always Speak The Truth, Even If Your Voice Shakes

According to a study, published in the Journal of Basic and Applied Psychology that an average individual lies more than 100 times a day. Speak the truth and it will save your time and energy. One lie leads to ten more lies. It is like a web that tangles around you. Practice speaking truth and spread positivity.




6. Make Good Use Of Tongue

Positivity and hope is contagious. Try to be good with words. You can either use it or abuse your tongue. Choice is yours. Prefer to be silent if you can’t spread good words.




7. Work On Your Soul

In this materialistic era, when everybody is running after more wealth and fame, the calmness and tranquility has vanished. Offer your daily prayers. And always prefer your sense-of-well-being to materials.