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Aiza Chaudry

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Aiza Chaudry

Buying a packet of lays is like buying a packet of air. It literally hurts when you pay 50 rupees for a bag of air. I mean why buy air when it’s already free? What’s the point?

Just to add the spice, it further says “10% Extra”. Yes, you get 10% of extra lays-scented air.I love Lays, I really do but at times I really want to burn their factories down for selling us packets full of air and poor quality.
Anyway, I bought Lays Yogurt and Herb today, opened it up and man I was seriously disappointed to see this

Just look at the quantity of chips in the bag.


Now check out the size of the bag.


What’s the extra size for? Half of it is useless. And what’s with the extra 10%? It should have been smaller. These companies have forever been fooling us, not just fooling us but looting us.


The size of the packet aside, let us have a critical look at the chips inside the packet. This is what we’re shown on the TV, in the advertisements, the beautiful crispy looking chips that those smiling actors and actresses put into their big mouths.

Do you see the flawless chips? Do you see any burnt ones or blotted ones? Just look at it. This is what you call perfection.

Now take a look at this


What the hell is this?
Apparently, waste of money. This wasn’t the only potato chip that looked ugly. No, few of them were fortunately very pretty. And this happens every darn time. Lays have astonished me with their low-quality time and time again and I am not even the only one. They have all these wonderful flavors that leave you in awe for a second but the moment you open up a packet of the chips, that awe vanishes.

Anyhoo, remember this? The “50 days of summer smiles” and the offer where you could win Rs 100,000 every day. Yeah right, lays. How about some better quality potato chips?


I mean a bag full of potato chips that I paid for is something that could literally keep me smiling for 50 days or more.

Perhaps, Lays should work on that. We don’t pay for packets of lays-scented air. No, we want packets full of potato chips. Quit this fraud and instead of luring customers via prizes worth Rs 100,000 or Rs 100,000 how about you actually provide them with what they pay for. Once again, quit breaking hearts that beat for you.