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I'm student heading for my first year in Psychology, Karachi University. I'm also a primary teacher.
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Growing up a girl in middle class , we’ve all been warned against online creeps as one of the reasons we should not use, not only social media but Internet all together. These creeps are usually found stalking you with weird  “$t¥Li$h Pr!n©€” or “D@$h!ng H€®0” Facebook accounts or something of the sort. Most of them are not dangerous, just creepy. And we can even categorize them, to make our online survival easier.

the first kind, The ones who tell you how they fell in love with your profile pic or the ones who send you own creepy sketches. or the ones who keep calling non stop, and ones who keep sending “hi hi hi hi..” a hundred times in a row. or tell you, how you’re breaking their heart just by existing without being one of their E-Girlfriends.

This sort, is super annoying but not dangerous, unless you’re family is narrow-minded idiots who believe it’s ok to put every blame on a girl and just like the rest of our society. Buy still, You need to understand that the got to be brave and stand firm or they’ll use your to control your every will like they’ve been doing for hundreds of years, and someone’s got stand up and stop them and we all have every quality required to be that someone.


The other kind, the ones with their first language being their genitals, they send you disgusting and unimaginably offensive pictures of it, They try to talk dirty which usually sound like rape threats or they just threaten to rape or kill you straight away. This kind is extremely offensive and makes you want to be a murderer, but they are still not dangerous. They too,  play on your fear, cause no one smart enough to be a criminal would be stupid enough to send you online evidence against their own near crimes. They just try to scare you enough be a willing victim. They make you believe you are alone and vulnerable. So this time, for these people, You need to trust your friends and family. You need to understand that you are not alone and you are vulnerable until you believe you are. You need to know to know that you did nothing wrong and they got nothing over you except your fear. Don’t be afraid.


The third kind, the really dangerous one, is the one that appears super glamorous and flattering. They are the ones you need to lookout for. Growing up a girl in Pakistan you’ve been forced to believe that life starts after marriage. So consciously or subconsciously you can’t wait to start living, and these online prince charmings play on your desperation for freedom. And These are the ones all the cyber crimes belongs to. Do not trust them, especially when they threaten to cut their nerve if you don’t meet them alone, or when they tell you they are texting from their death bed. Trust me, no one will text you from the death bed, Ever. Be smart, you don’t need a man to make you whole, you are not a half despite everything the society attempts to make you believe to control your individual existence.


And then in our society, we are supposed to stop living up with the world because these idiots exist. They actually force us to stop using social media instead of forcing them to stop harassing us. But again, world was never fair with us, it was never easy, and it still doesn’t mean we need to stop trying, stop fighting back. Now we need to fight back harder than ever before. Fight to win.


For starters, I purpose uploading screenshots or sending the screenshots to their friends and family on social media, or at the very least show them their “aukaat” in a detailed description of how we see them. Just to let them know that they are not invincible just because they wear different pants than us. They too have vulnerabilities they can hit on hard.

And girls, we need to understand to understand that we are not weak, we are not born to be victims. It might not always be a choice to be a winner, but we can always be fighters. It’s better than being victims anyway.