Maheen Ahmad

Maheen Ahmad

Maheen is currently working at plan 9. She has many subtle skills to propagate content on SM. Here she work on strategies to boost our eclectic exposure to All and sundry.
Maheen Ahmad


                                   Picture Colleges 

Here are some haunting images by an artist from france. His work is standing very different from crowd.We decided to interview him and attached some of his work.We hope you will enjoy


  • Tell us a little about your background and where you live ?

I live in Crevillente (Spain). Was born in 1979 and am dedicated to health.

  • How did you develop an interest in the arts ?

I,ve always been curious about sculpture and paint

  • These days graphic designing is very popular,  especially retro themed collages, like the ones you make. What is the reason behind that ?

It is simply a way to play and create new stories from old through images.

  • How long have you been making collages?

Approximately two or three years …

  • What is your creative process ?

I gust get carried away by the initial image … the image is that you select me …

  • What inspires you ?

sea … paint … music … friends …. TV …. Everything in my wake art.

  • Are there any artists that you like , or whose work that you admire ?

Yes !!! Leandro Cano , Ignasi Monreal, Ernesto Artillo, Alba Mont ….

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