Nida Mahmoed

Nida Mahmoed

Nida Mahmoed is Pakistan based First Feminist English Poet and Writer. She writes about women rights, technology, politics and culture. Nida is the Author of Broken Women and Movement or Belief.
Nida Mahmoed

Parents are worried since a daughter born, They feel dismay that their daughter won’t move in a society with homage, They forget to enjoy her little happiness in between edify, She want to experiment with her dressing but Parents teach her about the right dress code.

She wants to shout while playing with her brother but her parents are afraid that how a society will react, Parents are worried to see their daughter with a puppet mind neither a thinker.

In south Asian society, we are more concern about our daughters. We teach our daughters to not sit with cross your leg’ this posture really not suits you. We teach them to not eat much then your hips curve too much and might none parent of a boy will like you as their daughter-in-law.

When a daughter wore a  sleeveless dress then parents felt ignominious moment in front of the relatives, we believe that dress code will save our daughter from rape. We believe such dresses invite the rape. We teach them to save their self from rape, if they get raped then they will bring shame at home and their parents won’t able to face the society. They won’t teach them to fight against wrongdoer and get justice. They make their daughter to believe that no woman get raped without reason, as male sex hormones only activated’ when he received attractive vibes from a woman so don’t give invitation to any man for rape by your gesture. We made our daughters to believe that no woman is truly a victim, whether you raped or domestic abuse.

We feel shame, when she plays a beautiful tune on guitar then we teach our daughter to carry a cooking as your hobby rather playing guitar and riding a bicycle. We stop our daughters to express their opinions and speak too loudly as decent girls don’t speak loudly and neither express their views on issues in front of family.

We make them to introduce with the words of slut, tramp and whore to make them aware of what could happen to them if they are too expressive, too free or too wild.

Little girls grow up, with guilt that their one action will make them punishable in front of their families and deeply conscious of how they have to move in a society. Why we should not tell our little girls to walk in a society as they want to be. Living as fear of cracking the image push you not grow with wings.

We should to tell them about beautiful words rather slut and tramp, we should to give them confidence to achieve their dreams and embrace the inner wildness. Teaching them to afraid from society won’t make her a graceful citizen but teaching them to live with truth, makes her proud to be a woman.

I dream of that society, where our daughters grow up with wings and no one dare to limited their fly, I dream of a world’ where daughters consider as a gift of God nor a burden for parents.