Aminah Qureshi

Aminah Qureshi

Aminah Qureshi is a student of Biotechnology with an interest in current affairs, politics and journalism
Aminah Qureshi

Who said you are useless, Shanaya? Who said you were born as kaput, inutile creatures? People have found for you a profession which does not need specialized education, training or qualification like doctors and engineers. Furthermore, unlike women, you are not assigned a job on the basis of an organ that has been incorporated into them without their will. You have been entrusted with an occupation whose sole cause is the little error that occurred in the fusion of cells during fertilization. I realize that you were totally unaware of the faulty merger, but so were your parents. Had they known about your gender, they would have saved you from the lifelong agony by abortion. That would have not been any less painful, killing you as a fetus, but it would surely have been less excruciating than being told every single day that you are just a being, not human, and that you have no right to live.

In this chauvinist world, where parents deplore the deliverance of a girl, keep birthing girls until the arrival of a boy, make all the daughters the servants of the beloved son, sacrifice their daughters’ education at some level to enroll their apparent breadwinner to the best school in town, marry off their daughters as quickly as possible to the readily available suitors, and ask the ladies to keep sacrificing for the rest of their lives, how can anyone excogitate about your fundamental rights? I, being a girl and belonging to an unambiguous sex, feel suffocated in this sexist world. In this case, who will bother about giving you respectable jobs and consequential security when women are still deprived of it?

You are right, Julie. This society, of which you are unfortunately a part, cares more about dogs than you. You are not even considered to be the creation of a lesser god, for in that case your rights would have been at least acknowledged if not addressed. One thing that had kept me contented even after the brutal assassination of Alisha was you having found the company of those who were very much able to understand your problems. Though such an arrangement of isolating you from the whole population has been made by the society for its own vested interests, it has undoubtedly proven to be a blessing in disguise for you as you get to share your problems that we, the normal humans, have disremembered to exist. But I am sorry. I am sorry that I did not know how savagely you are beaten, how cruelly you are treated, and how inhumanely you can be punished for attending a function on your own without taking permission from your ‘guardian’ gang.

Rape has been a stigma for female victims since forever. Lately, recognition has been given to several incidents of sodomy in which young boys as well as male adults have been recommended post-incident therapy. However, in your organs lies no family’s honour and prestige, simply because your identity is ambiguous, and this has given the venerable people of this society a right to sexually exploit you in gangs and reminding you of your only duty towards this society, that is to entertain, even on your deathbed, as in the case of Alisha.

I really hope to see the world standing up with you to respect your existence and credit your esteem, but to make this world a better place is surely a task. You have endured enough hardships, my beloved fellows; I hope that you reach your destination soon.