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I haven’t seen anybody ungrateful more than the ones who are totally blessed with almost everything they can dream of. And haven’t seen a blind more than those who find opportunities at every step they take and complain of not having any just because they are never ready to explore them. And I came to find this fact at Children Mela at SKH. 


It was not just an event for me but something that transformed me. On Saturday, 27th of Nov, 2016 an event was organized by Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Research center named as Children Mela and I along with my friends volunteered it. We reported there at 8 am. Everybody put their effort to organize it. We decorated the arena, put up various game stalls with colorful spider balloons on them. We also had different cooperator volunteers and sponsors like Minnie minors to provide them with clothes, Alfalah bank, CureMD, Akhuwat dreams, Pepsi, and Service that donated free shoes. Different volunteers were allotted duties on different stalls. We were assigned to play games with attendees and make them happy as much as we can. And yes we also had an actress Maya Ali and a tennis player Aisam ul Haq with us to encourage those beautiful fighters or survivors. They brought a lot of gifts and presented words of appreciation to all the survivors.

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Moving onto the purpose of an event, this Mela was organized to encourage children fighting with cancer and to appreciate the struggle of those survivors. At round about 10:30 am we started receiving guests. I was much surprised to see those beautiful little kids with bright eyes and wide smile on their face. Nobody could tell that they are having a war inside. Their bravery and gratitude was remarkable. That was the moment when my definition of being grateful totally changed. They taught me the real meaning of thankfulness. During that whole period from 10 am to 4 pm I realized how big this blessing to be healthy is. A grateful and wise person cannot desire for anything after that. They were only 2, 3 years old kids, knowing nothing of the world they were just enjoying whatever they were given with. They were unaware of the phenomenon of complaining. Children were at different stages of cancer, they were suffering the same disease in different ways. Some were on the wheel chairs and few had pipes attached to their small extremely beautiful faces. Looking at them was like telling myself the fact that the things we stress or complain about are nothing but an act of being unappreciative for everything we have.

The strange thing which I experienced was that all of the patients or families were Pathans from those areas of KPK or Afghanistan proving that the rate of cancer is high in those regions. That arose a curiosity in me to find out the most basic reason behind it. This seems to be a genetic problem to me as children of 2, 3 years old are having this fatal disease. The KPK family structure of remaining cousin marriages can be a root reason of this transmission to generation after generation making them suffer this pain. And I came to know that there is a feudal war against polio campaign as the local clerics also had the fatwas over polio vaccination as they think it is making the child to have multiple cancer diseases and Parkinson or epilepsy etc. PATHETIC. So, this might lead to different diseases resulting in cancer.

That one day explained the fact of pleasing yourself by helping others to me. I’ve been told the entire 19 years of my life that to get peace we should help others, we should make someone happy. Those little souls brought transformational colors to
my darkened soul and mind. I tried my best to make their day and in return they made my life making me realize how blessed I am.
There should be more events like that as they keep watering those little flowers we have in the shape of innocent children. This is much obvious that they want to get out the same routine and play crazy games and we should try our best to not let their disease overcome or control them.

I would like to conclude by saying that Shaukat khanum’s work is incredible and deserves a lot of appreciation. Plus being an active citizen I find myself beholden to this social work. And I believe that youth should volunteer such events as much as they can to feel and experience life in its deep meanings.