How true a well-known proverb sounds here, “Records are made to be broken.”

Walt Disney has always strived to break through what’s ordinary towards exceptionality full of hopes and dreams.

Beauty and the Beast returned with a bang as it broke records with 127 million views within a day of it’s trailer’s release. A feeling of déjà vu is felt among the audience for upcoming 2017 remake of “The Beauty and the Beast”.

  1. Tale As Old As Time:

 It is a fantasy of a cursed arrogant price being turned into a despised beast, who is later transformed with a tender touch of love of Belle, the beauty caged by the beast.

Childhood sentiments and nostalgia seems rejuvenated as soon as you tread those lands via trailer one more time. The melody in the beginning refreshes in the hearts of people the deep-rooted love story.

The fairytale has returned to sew all broken dreams once again with a magical thread of Disney dream world.

The love story has stood through time as novel and modern as ever with it’s enchantment, mystery and eccentricity.

  1. Live Animation Synchronization:

What’s exceptional about the trailer is its perfect scene to scene synchronization with animated version of 1991. It has enhanced the anticipation of a thrilling adventure among 90’s as well as modern era kids.

It has always appeared as an unimaginable reality to produce a live action movie much similar to an “animated” version. The fact that how those animated pots and clock are going to be reproduced is kept as a secret, though we see in the trailer how those technical difficulties have been overcame with.

It’s revival came late as other tales were reproduced hundreds of times but this tale was forgotten as if it was kept as a treasure for a perfect time.

  1. Mystery Is Being Revived:

The mystery has been created by releasing dazzlingly eye-catching trailers in chunks and pieces which signify how massive fan-following it’s going to accomplish.

Every new trailer reveals half yet conceals the whole fact that how the story will be reproduced as in the form of a  live-action movie. This genre of the story has been changed from fantasy to live-action movie which stands out as it has never happened before.

  1. Disney’s Everlasting Charm That May Last Forever:

Disney has always acted as beau idéal whose fascination cannot ever be taken away as it is filled with tales of hopes, wishes and dreams as well as fanciful dreams full of imagination.

Whenever Disney’s name is associated with a movie, it has enough lure to appear as a must watch for everyone.


  1. Beauty Lies Within, A Lesson much Forgotten:


“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is within”

 The long-forgotten love-story is enlivened once again with unremembered lesson that “Beauty is found within”, all else is a façade. Present times (the 21st Century) need to relearn the lesson of inner beauty against outer facile appearances.

Yet, it’s not the only lesson we all learn from it, we learn something new every time we watch a Disney movie and yet it’s never a tiring.

Another lesson that we come across is from Mrs. Potts,

“You don’t lose hope, love. If you do, you lose everything”

A sentimental dialogue between Cogsworth and Beast over the idea of true love which is potent enough to break million hearts,

“Beast: I let her go…

Cogsworth: What? But why?

Beast: Because I love her”


  1. CAST of Characters has created Great Excitement:

The Casting of Emma Watson as Beauty and Dan Stevens as the Beast with an added lure of spectacular and incredible posters have caused a great stir around the world.They already have a great fan-following for their extraordinary acting skills which can be heart-touching as well as heart-wrenching.



As for the cast of minor characters who appear as exciting part of the trailer as well as of the movie, there are few I will mention: Luke Evans will be Gaston, Josh Gad will be acting as LeFou (which personally is a bit exciting for me as well), Ian McKellen will act as Cogsworth and Emma Thompson will act as Mrs. Potts