Maheen Ahmad

Maheen Ahmad

Maheen is currently working at plan 9. She has many subtle skills to propagate content on SM. Here she work on strategies to boost our eclectic exposure to All and sundry.
Maheen Ahmad

New Information has surfaced that Ayesha Mumtaz, a well respected PFA officer, has been suspended from her position. Mainly due to the fact that several popular food chains are unhappy and hoping to have her voice and work shut down.

Ayesha Mumtaz is a public figure,that the people of Pakistan have come to respect and love. Since has been in office we have seen nothing but hard work , with her going on raids , shutting down all kinds of restaurants and hotels without discrimination. Staying true to her job and morals , even got her the title of Dabaang lady . Which is fitting because I don’t know any other lady of officer who raided thirty different restaurants, in one day.
Frankly, the people should have been happy that they had such a role model. Good people don’t grow on  trees you know.

 Beyond jokes, this is alarming. And it should scare people .

It should scare people that this is a woman, who spent months exposing the poison you have been feeding one. Unlike some people who only pick on weak and easy targets,  she went after big businesses like Gourmet,Pearl Continental, Mcdonalds , Kettle Kitchen and a long list of other places. She did her job. She gave evidence and shut them down, find them and did  not discriminate. Not only that but she showed it national television what donkeys,dead chickens,fake coke ,expired vegetables and rotten fruits they were serving on a golden plate.

It should scare us that out of all the people they had to suspend,  it was someone who stayed true to the people. We know lots of politicians and officers are corrupt and they haven’t done anything productive.  Shouldn’t they be fired? If the government is comfortable firing Ayesha Mumtaz and keeping trash,  it says a lot about them.

It should scare us that, she is being fired for no good reason. Normally you have to have a good case against someone in order to fire them . She has no scandal , no misconduct and the people love her. How do you build up the audacity and nerve to fire someone from government seat with no good reason.  The government is not a family business , even if our one is being run like one.


It should scare us that , the same government and party that Ayesha Mumtaz made respectable. During a time another party was defaming, had no problem get rid of her in the blink of an eye. That’s like firing the lead singer in the boy band who did all the work. And think of how Ayesha Mumtaz must feel having been back stabbed like this.

It should scare us, that these fraud food chains, instead of cleaning up their act, went all mafia and got rid of her. Seriously how difficult could it be for them to actually use clean food and live up to some FDA standards. If they can afford to make their restaurants look fancy they can afford to give us clean food,  which we pay them for .

They sound less like food chains and more like drug dealers.
It should scare us that, there is public outrage. The people should stand up for Ayesha Mumtaz,  because what she did she did for the people. For our health, benefit and knowledge.  And if can’t stand up for the people who actually have served us , then we never deserved them.

Which is sad because we do deserve better, we deserve nice things, healthy food, decent education, security, medical treatments,safety ,jobs and the whole deal.  But my dear people you have to stand up for yourself if you want any of those things.

Freedom never came easy, but in this situation we are free. We are free to say that we appreciated what Ayesha Mumtaz did for us and that we appreciate knowing what is in our food. And we are free to boycott these food chains until they clean up their act and follow the rules and regulations of serving decent food. It’s not like they are going to come into our houses and shove burgers down our throats and demand five thousand rupees  .
I find it extremely sad that this has happened. And it was a good time when she was working, since she was the first one to make such a big move with her work. Then there was the officer who actually got fashion designers to pay taxes and of course at the same time Shabaz Sharif saying no to GMO food. We, of course had General Raheel Sharif fighting terrorism and making good policies for the army and refugees . Along with Imran Khan doing lots of development projects in KPK , like building hospitals and schools.


Why can’t we sustain this system?  Why can we not see what these people have done for us and appreciate them?
We won’t always be lucky,  and if fate has been kind to us and if someone has done their job we should stand by them and not let their work go to waste.
To conclude Pakistan, this is something we  can change. We just have to stand up for ourselves.