Maheen Ahmad

Maheen Ahmad

Maheen is currently working at plan 9. She has many subtle skills to propagate content on SM. Here she work on strategies to boost our eclectic exposure to All and sundry.
Maheen Ahmad

Andy Warhol was is perhaps the most famous artist of the Pop art movement , who is remembered not only for his art but for his personality and style which many have said were his greatest works of art .

He was an enigmatic man, who rose from poverty and with hard work and resilience made his dream come true somewhere between studios and underground tunnels of the big apple .

A self-made man who turned himself into a brand and became a critic of pop culture , made films, worked on on all sorts of material and wrote several books .

And like all men who have led a full double life , full of sadness and wealth, transformation and tragedy , he had a lot of fascinating things to say .

I personally consider him the top diva of his time , who had this philosophy about the materialistic world,  people , art, and culture . Thoughts that one should think about, but many times he had a humorous side to himself and gave us iconic and sassy lines that should be on a t-shirt .

“I never fall apart, because I never fall together.” 

Imagine walking through the streets with something unique as this clever paradox instead of a fancy fronted name of a city .

“I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.”

This could be your activism T-shirt , for whenever you want to stand up for the environment and make a statement

“Being born is like being kidnapped. And then sold into slavery.” 

The perfect shirt for your first day of school, or a first date . If nothing else at least you’ll be able to make a t-shirt reference while discussing your existential crisis .

You could be out with this on and maybe , just maybe , brighten up someone’s day.

“I like boring things.” 

Simple and chic . Maybe you could wear this to a family reunion to let them know how much you care.

 I’ve never met a person I couldn’t call a beauty.

Here would be something that should be written everywhere so people could cherish themselves for their uniqueness and feel good about themselves. You could be out with this on and maybe , just maybe , brighten up someone’s day.

Why do people think artists are special? It’s just another job.

I am pretty sure all artists,writers,singers,dancers basically anyone on the dark side would want to have this shirt forever. They would probably carry this shirt around even when not wearing it .

Sex is nostalgia for sex.

“In 15 minutes, everybody will be famous.” 

So everyone knows that once Andy Warhol coined the term fifteen minutes of fame, but what it left out is that almost ten years after he  said so he expressed this in an interview .

This would  be on every fan’s buying list.


“I wake up every morning. I open my eyes and think: here we go again.” 

I am guessing this would be the top choice for a Monday  at work.


“Two people kissing always look like fish.”


This is as blunt and honest as any shirt could be , be sure to wear this around annoying couples or on weddings.