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Roquia Sabri

We had a modicum of understanding of facts from SiddySays aka Sadaf, the famous fashion and lifestyle blogger’s life through what she deliberately revealed to her fans, until Self Projection’s team decided to approach her and take a lid off of deeper facts that people don’t really know about. So all the way from her personal and professional life, upon asking, she gave unsolicited advice to her blogger fans that none of them would be able to know otherwise. Let’s find out.

 1. How far have you come in your blogging career and how far you can go?

Blogging unfortunately is not a career, it’s a half career for me. I head Marketing Communication at The Coca-Cola Company in Pakistan. I had much more time when I started the blog but now I don’t so I work weekends and evenings. Amna my partner is the full time manager of the blog.

2.Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?

   I always have goals, and year is a very long time for… I get very impatient. I have more like weekly goals. Max monthly J As for what they are, on the blog front Amna and I have kicked off two big projects SiddyStyles and SiddyTV… An Image Consultancy and a YouTube channel which we’re focused on promoting.

3.What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?

Content is the only way to get traffic. However, to enhance that one should follow the engagement numbers, the traffic etc closely so that you know what content works and build on it.


4.What motivates you to keep the blog up and running?

Firstly, I think having a great partner is a great way to be because they keep you focused on the goal. It’s all about team work. But again, SiddySays is very personal to me… It’s like my second child. I personally care about it and hence committed to it.


  1. What is the least you can do to rejuvenate fading hopes and determination of a person who decided to quit blogging?

Well. If the blogger is someone you like and have followed, then well I guess reading their blog and more importantly engaging with them. Comment, retweet whatever possible. If you’re the blogger yourself, you take it easy. Usually we put the most amount of pressure on our own selves. Give yourself a break, if it’s something you truly love. You’ll come back to it.

6-What would encourage beginners to make their own blog?

    Honestly, the generation today is so lucky to have avenue to express themselves. If you have a voice and a point of view it’s always great to share. Slowly the industry is becoming aware of bloggers so there is a bit of money to be made too.

7.Brief us about the most challenging moments you faced in your life?

I have a very demanding job, a fairly successful blog in addition to a beautiful family. Just balancing all three is a challenge and it’s a constant one. I wouldn’t know what to do if my life wasn’t challenging. I live on it.

8-Do any of your questions in an interview hit someone as an offensive attack? If yes, how do you deal with it.

really, I believe in co-existing. I believe people with differing opinion can agree to disagree and that’s fine. So I would apologize if anyone ever got offended by what I said but people usually don’t offend me unless its personal.

9.How would you describe your personal style or is there a person who is a fashion inspiration to you?

My fashion sense I would probably describe as comfortable chic. I love being stylish at all times but I don’t compromise on my comfort barring shoes sometime. I absolutely worship Victoria Beckham’s style or the Olsen twins. These are definitely style goals for me.