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Awais Samdani

Awais Samdani is a literary enthusiast.He is a fervid philocalist. His vision is to break conventions , which accost him daily about the certainty of his faith.
Awais Samdani

When you want to apply to a company, you must acknowledge you need to send them your CV. Most of the people approach freelancers online or in their town to design them a good CV.

CV is an abbreviation of Curriculum Vitae which means the courses of life. A good CV  must be very concise. In a CV, your past is summarized and it includes your qualifications, your expertise, and your experiences. The thing which matters is the way you present your life course. Which things to include, and which hobbies to skip is really important in getting you this job.

When writing your CV, make sure you follow these steps to create a great CV.

Know what you are applying for

Job position you are applying for, their requirements, research a little on Google and have a know-how. You must know what they are looking for in the employee. What are the group  of skills they need to have in you as an employee

Create a Format for your CV

You can download themes for your CV for free online. It must no be pretentious.

The Design of your CV should be very clean and oriented.

Tell the truth

Always speak the truth even your voice shakes. Don’t brag. Don’t make fake certificates.

 What information should a CV include?

45% Previous related work experience
35% Qualifications & skills
25% Easy to read
16% Accomplishments
14% Spelling & grammar
9% Education (these were not just graduate recruiters or this score would be much higher!)
9% Intangibles: individuality/desire to succeed
3% Clear objective
2% Keywords added
1% Contact information
1% Personal experiences
1% Computer skills


Review and update

A good technique is to constantly revisit and refine your CV. Over time and with experience, your technique for language will improve. Couple this to the natural self-confidence you develop during spells of employment and your CV should surely reflect that.

Taking time to periodically re-read your CV and consider how you might describe yourself again today is essential. You might even feel compelled to write sections again, or approach the whole thing from scratch.

It’s all about refining what you say and how you say it in the most concise way, and you’ll be surprised how your perceptions here evolve.