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Afraz jabeen, a lecturer by profession. She has edited LCWU university magazine (2013-2015), she is an amateur writer. Her area of interest is existentialism, sufism, crime fiction.
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Pakistan has an abundance of natural resources. Its lush green fields, beautiful sights made it a place of natural beauty. Different people ruled this state in different time periods and made certain historical places which are the most significant part of its history.

Its forts are the best picture of its architectural beauty. The list is very long, the most beautiful and famous forts are as follows:

1. Lahore Fort


 Lahore Fort with its conspicuous existence is still a center point for tourists and visitors. Lahore Fort usually known as Shahi Qila was demolished, rebuilt, renovated and reconstructed in different hands. It is a living reflection of its founders (Mughals) and their lives who ruled with full zeal and zest.

2. Rohtas Fort


This magnificent fort was constructed by Afghan King Farid Khan who is known in history as

Sher Sha Suri. The architecture of this fort is a mixture of Afghan and Persian style.  This fort was crowned as World Heritage Site in 1997 by UNESCO. In the region of Asia, this fort is the best illustration of Muslim military architecture.

3.Red Fort Muzaffarabad

On the opposite side of  Neelum River there are two historical forts (the Red Fort and the Black Fort).  Red fort is also known as Muzaffarabad fort. Chuk rulers lead the foundation of this fort but it was completed in 1646 by Sultan Muzaffar Khan.  Its mesmerizing location and great architecture made it an impressive spot.


4. Derawar Fort


Derawar Fort is the most strong, largest and marvelously sustained fort of Pakistan.  Due to its high walls, it can be seen from Cholistan desert. It is one of the most glorified monuments of Pakistan.

 5. Sadiq Garh Palace

Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan built this beautiful fort in the region of Dera Nawab Sahib in Bahawalpur. In ten years this project was completed under the supervision of proficient engineers with 15 lac budget.

6. Altit Fort:


The 900-year-old castle is situated in the region of Karimabad in Gilgit-Baltistan. Its foundation was laid by the ancient rulers of Gilgit who carried the title of Mir. it is one of the oldest and most worth visiting location of Pakistan.

7.  Noor Mahal


In 1872 Nawab Subah Sadiq built this fort. He made this fort for his spouse. She spent only one night in this fort and refused t live further due to the adjacent graveyard. This fort was not used in the region of Nawab Sadiq. Currently, it is open for public and used as state guest house.

8. Bala Hissar Castle


This fort is one of the most ancient forts of Peshawar KPK. Taimur Shah (The Pakhtoon king) used this fort as the winter capital of the Afghan Durrani Empire.

9. Faiz Mahal

The beautiful fort bearing more than two hundred years old history is located in  Khairpur District in the Sindh province. Talpur Mirs built this fort in 1798.  The other name of this  mahal is “Aram Ghar”.

10. Rani kot Fort

Rani kot fort is also known as the great walls of Sindh. It is situated in Kirthar range in the region of Jamshoro, Sindh. Nothing can be said with surety about its origin but it is generally believed that Imran bin Musa built this fort.  In 1812 two brothers Mir Karam Ali Khan Talpur and  Mir Murad Ali renovated this glorified heritage.