Rida Gill

Rida Gill

A doctor in making.I love to pen down the bizarre happenings and customs of the society. A strong feminist who believes that each women should be aware of her worth.
Rida Gill


Robert Macias who is widely known as R.M.drake is amongst the most popular writers of the time. He is a self-published writer with huge fan-following on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook.

His books are highly adored by the readers But little did we know about him.

So,here’s a sneak peek for you all.

Self Projections: How would you define yourself?

Drake:I’m a little bit of everything. I can be funny, I can be quiet, I can be whatever the mood gives me. different people bring out different sides of me.

Self Projections: How did it all begin?

Drake:I been writing since the 90s. it’s been a life long struggle trying to make something out of my art. I’m still not where I want to be but I’m working on it.

Self Projections: What inspires you?

Drake:People and life and sometimes my dogs.


Self Projections:According to what is it, that makes the reader fall in love with your writings?

Drake:I think because I raw them down. I don’t sugar coat it. I just say it how it is meant to be said. (or written)

Self Projections:Why do you prefer self-publication?

 Drake:I prefer self-publication because I control all my creative work and I own all the rights too. I have turned down many major deals, some offering up to 500,000.00. I declined them not to stay “true to the art” but to wake up and say I own everything I make. that’s all.

Self Projections:Is there anyone to whom you’d like to dedicate or share your success with?


Drake:Sevyn, she is everything to me.

Self Projections:Is your writing impulsive?

Drake:I think everyone’s writing is impulsive. I don’t have a plan when I am writing. it just comes out.

Self Projections: Among all the your awesome books which one is your favorite and why?

Drake:Gravity, because it is my debut novel. it should be out this fall or next summer. it is my favorite because the story is an experience.

Self Projections: What else if not a writer?

Drake:Sculptor, Porsche enthusiast and Painter.

Self Projections: Your poetry Ruminates on love,death and loneliness,what about funny side of R.M.drake?

Drake:Some of my work in beautiful and damned is funny. you have to check the book out to see that side of me.

Self Projections:When should we expect another Masterpiece from you?

Drake:Not sure, maybe sometime in the fall or winter.

Self Projections:Any message for writers-to-be?

Drake:Yes, write because you have it in you not because it is cool.