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Quratulain Israr

Quratulain Israr is a teacher by profession. She likes to sing, write and teach. She does blogging also. Writing is something that allows her to express what society does not allow her to speak.
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Quratulain Israr

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She: Where were you all the day?
He: I messaged you that I was in the meeting.
She: Why didn’t you answer my messages?
He: Because I didn’t get time to check my phone and my mobile was on silent mode.
She: You don’t love me.
He: I do.
She: It’s all over.
He: Now what does it mean?

(No reply ever after….)


Well I don’t need to visit different countries or cultures to highlight a very common issue in youth. They think True Love is all about texting. Being in touch or being update about your loved ones have been replaced by texting all day without taking a pause. They think that texting all day is the only way of proving your love. It kills privacy and peace of mind of a person.

People do not get enough time to sit silently and think peacefully. They do not have enough space and freedom of mind to explore their creativity because they are so busy in proving their love via texting. The numbers of accidents we hear about on daily basis on our news channels are immense. We rarely know the reason of such accidents but one of those reasons is ‘texting while driving’. Unfortunately in Pakistan there is no law for not using mobiles while driving and our people are using this freedom wrongly.

It may not seem an issue and just seem okay to text somebody all the day and update him/her about your every single activity…. Mind my words, *every single activity*

But eventually it kills the individuality of a person. There is no privacy left of the people involve in 24 hours texting. It has been observed that now days our youth do not get impress by others but try to impress others. Females are busy in transforming themselves according to their love interest and on contrary males are busy in proving their love by dramatizing their emotions.

“How much you are missed by someone depends on the number of calls and messages you receive all the day. Ha-ha”

What does love has to do with mobiles, gadgets, jewelry or any other materialistic thing? Love is beyond all these stupidities. Love is simple and we the people are one who has made it complicated by adding all these things in it. There was a time when mobiles were not there still people loved each other and created histories. We have forgotten the difference between being in touch and texting all the day.

We do not give space to each other which shows our lack of faith on our love and our insecurities. We do not give time to others to miss us and miss the time they spend with us.

Sadly we have chained all our emotions and sentiments in this gadget called mobile and now using our thumb and fingers we express our so called LOVE.

There are many other issues which are spreading and slowly poisoning our youth. We need to think about it before our psychiatrist makes us think the reason of our fears and anxieties.

“Texting is apocalyptic on some levels. It’s a reduction of things.” Nick Cave

Respect yourself and learn to respect your love. Stop killing the individuality of each other. Texting does have value in our lives; it is termed as fingered speech. It can be used in a better and productive way. Do not make misuse of it. It won’t earn you anything but cost you many things in terms of broken relationships and broken hearts.

“Guarding your heart and protecting your dignity are a little bit more important than clarifying the emotions of someone who is only texting you back three words. I have learned that from trying to figure out people who don’t deserve to be figured out.” Taylor Swift