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Maheen Ahmad

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Maheen Ahmad

Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most influential and inspiring directors to have ever stood behind a camera.His films are filled with suspense,thrill,psychological insight and a range of cuts and frames that have captivated audiences like only a master storyteller can.


He knew what he wanted, and came across as a fine Englishman trying to create a piece of magic, regardless of a few storyline mistakes. His often made cameos in his films, films which often consisted of the same actors,themes,murder mysteries,serial killers,thieves,elegant women and a everyman or woman protagonist who has battle to fight .
He was a celebrity in his own right, and we look back at him as someone who brought and perfected a whole new genre of films,created a culture and captured his time with notority and charm.
It is difficult to watch a movie these days and not be reminded of his impact but back in 2012 two films were released, which were all about him and maybe exposed a dark side of the director to the public .

1. Hitchock ( 2012)

An American Film with the kind of shots and colour palette the man himself would love.Starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren as Alfred Hitchock and Alma Reville around the time he was worried about retirement plans and shooting his masterpiece Psycho. This film however is based on a novel so it’s skeptical how much the events are actually true. But it’s a relatively nice film with an amazing portrayal of Hitchcock by Anthony Hopkins, who gets right down the detail of hand gestures and voice.Helen Mirren also gives a convincing image of a wife dealing with marital troubles , a rather troubling time since both of them were now having health problems. But they pulled through and so does the film.


2. The girl ( 2012)

The was in a British film brought by, by the BBC and HBO , like the earlier film it is also based on a book. This book was “Spellbound by Beauty:Alfred Hitchcock and His Leading Ladies”. But the film only showcases one certain starlet who would grace the screen of two of his films and become an obsession of the director- her name was Tippi Hedren and she was the girl.
This movie focuses on a three characters,namely Hitchcock,Hedren and Reville and the power struggle between them and how one terrified young starlet was able to walk away from everything .
Sienna Miller certainly gave an amazing performance and makes a very convincing Tippi , bringing an innocence and vulnerable character and having that character women don’t  bow down to power is very inspiring and admirable. However, movie goers and critics did have a problem with Hitchcock being this sexual character.
The public perhaps wants to have their heroes remain as the heroes they’ll always being.