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Uridah is an optimistic ambivert. She is a computer science professional, a patriot and a potterhead. These days she is working on discovering her writing passion.
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Dear oblivious Indian fans of Fawad Khan,

Thank you for showering all the love that you did on him because he deserved it. He is an amazing actor who not only won the hearts of his countrymen but also made his mark across the border because of his TALENT. It was his hard work and his potential that got him there. All the acclaim and praise (and wealth) he received, he earned it. Please stop sounding like it was an act of charity.

Let me clarify that you did not make him a superstar. He was well praised and even worshiped when Humsafar first aired in Pakistan which by the way was equally loved by your people. We are very proud of the talent that we have produced and we are very happy to share him.

Despite your ungratefulness, you are welcome!

I for one am a strong believer in keeping the art and its audience separate from all the politics but since you dragged it in, I would make an effort of sharing some facts with you.

Since money is such a huge matter to you, let me help you out with understanding how things work. All the big projects he worked on became successful. So you see, he is just getting paid for making his rather significant role in making those projects successful which end up in them earning money for the Indian film industry and Indian economy. I wonder who benefits from that!

You may not realize it but your movies earn a ton lot of money because of all the business that they do here in Pakistan. A person in an interior area might not know the name of the President of Pakistan but would know who Shahrukh Khan or Amitabh Bachchan are. This is not something we should be proud of but it just indicates how much your art is celebrated in our land.

We do ban some movies but only if they are made against Pakistan. And mind you, your government and intelligence ensure that those movies are made and well-funded to instill hatred for us in your nation. Despite that, we continue to love and promote your industry’s work. Thank you for not recognizing that.

It is you who is living in a bubble and need to wake up. It is your army that has been terrorizing and torturing Kashmiris since day 1. All they want is to live freely in peace. Is that too much to ask? Isn’t that a basic human right? Or maybe you’re influenced by all the lies that are told to you.

Here is the proof of what your army has been doing to the poor unarmed Kashmiris. Regardless of how your government steps over our attempts of talks, we never stopped loving your art or inviting Alyy Khan, Om Puri and many such to work in our dramas and movies. All in the name of cultural exchange!

Your government sends armed and trained soldiers to overpower defenseless civilians who just want the right to self-determination. You keep them under curfew for over 2 months, shoot and kill those protesting against the violence and intentionally target the eyes of protesters with pallets to blind them. The Civilian Death toll in the past 2 months alone has risen over 82.  

The fact that your government refused UNHRC to send its delegation to probe human rights violation in Kashmir is evidence enough that Indian government is trying to hide atrocities it commits in Kashmir.  

I won’t even go into the details of how your country uses its resources to create unrest in our country. There is enough proof of everything that I have highlighted above. Please check your facts before making allegations to a guest star and his homeland.

I suggest that you start being more respectful to the people that work for your industry. I sincerely hope that one day you are able to see Kashmiris as true human beings and pray that your vision broadens and you see the truth as it is.



A disappointed fan of art and culture
A victim of Indian forces’ terrorism