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Khubaib Azad Samdani

He is 18, a life enthusiast, self-confident and motivation hoarder. He loves to stroll on unpaved horizons. Here at Self Projections, he writes about things which matter in life.
Khubaib Azad Samdani
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If you want BIG results you got to follow small steps in the right way. Step by step , inches by inches , you get much work done. This is how people achieve what we call Miracle. One-night success is an illusion. You must set rituals for yourself. You must commit yourself to your principles.

1. Start Writing Your Goals


Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. 

‘Writing down your goals’ is very important before-you-start. I did it on daily basis as well for MY goals. Our dreams and goals are vague and unclear most-of-the-time. But when you write them in a C L E A R way , it is received and processed by visual cortex. ( I love brain. I studied it profoundly during my MCAT. I will post few videos on it after this series ) This will increase the odds of achieving your goals. 

Concrete & Specific : Goals , if , are not concrete they are just a wish.

 What about deadlines : Put deadlines in front of every goal. That will keep you motivated.

 What is benchmark (Read Criterion)Standard, or a set of standards, used as a point of reference for evaluating performance. [1]  Why ? Be your own evaluater. Judge yourself. Make ideals. Have prototypes. Check their work periodically.

Gist So , write down your major goal on a page , DAILY. Yes, Daily.

2. Start Small.


The epithet ‘Start Small’ explains that you must not work in bursts. One step at a time. Do things in a progressive manner. Have fluctuations. But remember , dream big. Don’t ever be realistic. Romanticize every situation.

3. Your Time Is more Valuable Than Money


Time management is the most discussed topic in any personal development community.

– Learn to say NO : Saying-no is a skill. Learn this skill. Practice it daily. It will multiply your productivity. You will accomplish more than ever.

– First thing First : I learnt this from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It is probably 3rd habit. It tells you how to prioritize. You have to stipulate whats important. Don’t get confused between Important and Urgent. Sometimes urgent is not important. Don’t be trapped.

– Do something in Waiting Time : Sometimes you have this situation when you have to wait for somebody , somewhere. OR you go to mechanic to get your bike/ car repaired. You can carry a book. I use to have video lectures of Robin Sharma downloaded in my mobile. When I am reading and don’t know meaning of any word , I write those on my notepad in my mobile. When I am in any of these situation , I open up Thesaurus. And this helps learn vocab. And most of all , it gives me sense of accomplishment.


4. Plan B3

Having a plan B makes less likely for you to achieve your plan A.

-What is Plan B  (Read Escape Plan)  : It is an alternative strategy.

Why do people have it :  Fear of failure provokes us to have another plan.

Will Smith says :

There is no reason to have plan B because it distracts from plan A.

Chris Gardner says :

There is no plan B for passion

So , What should I do : Have a plan B.

Are you kidding ? Really ?  Your plan B should be to stick to plan A. Period. 

5. Stay away from Negative People 


Did you ever notice that you like to spend time with some people and , on the other hand , you start fidgeting when around some people ?

Positive people will always spread hope and optimism. While negative people will always spray darkness and pessimism. They will always try to blame others.

-How do I avoid negative people : There is no way to annihilate negative people. BUT you can avoid getting influenced by their negativity by :

– Identify negative vibes

– Spend less time with them

– Avoid arguments with them 

6. Be LASER Focused.5

It is easier for you to understand this habit if you know how laser works. Let me elucidate.

– Monochromatic : Light of laser is monochromatic. What does it mean ? Mono-Chromatic mean all waves have same wavelength.

– Directional : Another feature of laser is that it is directional. They never spread in many directions as do the light coming from sunlight.

– And what about multiple tasking ? You cannot fully focus when multiple tasking. It will take longer time. And you will be pre-disposed to error.

7. Leaders are Readers


Books are experience of authors which are result of many years. But you can learn from those experience in lesser time.  It doesn’t matter how busy one is Or how much knowledge one have. Billionaires like Warren Buffet , Elon Musk , Mark Zuckerberg , Bill Gates etc have been reading books through out their life. And you must spend at least 20 minutes of your time reading something. It can be anything. Just read.

– Most successful people are active reader and well-educated.

– Bill Gates : I visited Bill Gates Blog. He reads a lot. I guess 2-3 books per month. He has special interest in philanthropic works and blogging.


– A Year of Books was an online book club hosted by Mark Zuckerberg through his personal Facebook account started in January 2015. Every two weeks for a year Zuckerberg made a book recommendation to his millions of Facebook followers.

– Warren Buffet , the third-richest man in the world, when he was building up a career in investing, he would read up to 1,000 pages every single day.

8. Never underestimate your strengths 1

It is less likely for you to become successful if you lack self-confidence. Even if someone mocks you , you must keep doing what you believe to be right. 

– Think about your strengths.

– It not in someones genetic : Self-confidence comes with accomplishments. Even leaders sometime lack self-confidence in their life.

– You can’t buy it : Confidence is the only outfit you can’t buy says Leonardo DiCaprio.

– Be comfortable in your own skin : When you are comfortable with yourself , it gives you high self-esteem.

– Perfectionism is a pipe-dream : Don’t ever be in trap of perfectionism. No one is perfect. No one ever was. Or will be. There is no use in just-believing-in-your-abilities unless you use them regularly. Do something. Practice daily. Repeat.

– Do something that scares you [ DAILY ] : If you are reluctant to talk to strangers , go talk to some stranger as a challenge for yourself. . If you want to break your fears , face them.

– Set a small goal and achieve it.

– Don’t focus on negative habits : Focus on developing positive tiny habits.


9. Being the Best 


Greatness is not gifted. It is never inherited. If you want to be the best in your field , you got to follow these habits. These habits seem cliché or stereotypes. But these can lead to big consequence. You will become more productive ; more sure of yourself. Just keep believing in yourself. Aim to be the best in your field.