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Roquia Sabri

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Roquia Sabri


1. Out of million artists who have been observed with such noble trait, what makes you stand out of the crowd?

Well, to be honest, telling you what makes me stand out of the crowd would kind of make me look like I’m self-obsessed wouldn’t it? and that’s the last thing I want to do, so I think my audience knows it better what makes me stand out of the crowd but here’s just a little something I have to say. I despise mainstream, I’m not gonna do artwork just to pander to a certain crowd like most artists these days do. The herd mentality. I’m not saying its bad to highlight some of the issues that are present in society, but I’m not gonna be one of those artists who feeds on from it. They gather the hype and after a while, it dies down because there is less of their own input and more of what other people want to see. So yeah I despise that and I think that’s what makes me stand out of the crowd.

2. Does your art reflect on who you are?

Aleem :Yes it does like I said previously. I do art for myself and nobody else if you have seen my artwork I have been constantly experimenting and changing my art style to the point I have 5-10 different art-styles I do my paintings in. I could easily do realistic paintings and get even more audience but that’s not me, I wouldn’t stop experimenting if I do then ill be boring. to be honest, I can’t even do the same thing again and again, that’s just not me. The themes I choose and depict in my artwork, reflect who I am. I trash a painting if I feel like it’s not showing what I personally like, if I feel like I’m trying to push it to be what other people want to see then I delete it, I feel filthy as an artist then.

3. What roles do artists play in our society?

Aleem: I really don’t know man, maybe some artist with more experience would be able to answer that. But what I personally think is that, artists in a society help us to put out there stuff what we don’t talk about, what we feel but we don’t say. Perhaps a tool of communication? a beautiful form of communication.


4. How and when did you discover your talent?

Talent? I don’t like that word and I don’t think most artists, especially professionals in the field would like it at all. You see it’s not just “Talent” that you discover and magically become an artist. Sure I have been drawing ever since I was little, people left and right would tell me I’m talented but where did that get me? I grew up, I knew sketching cause I used to sketch all the time and I got better. But that’s where it stops. There’s a big debate on whether people really have “talent” or is it just a misguided term for “skills”. Every artist has to learn how to create art. People observe and they feel like Art comes to some people naturally cause they’re talented but that’s not how it works.I put two-three years into it to get where I am today, in all that time I used to study painting just by doing it and trying to study the masters. I painted thrice even the whole day at times, I learned the fundamentals. So it’s not just Talent that you discover. You have to hone your skills.


5.What do you think of the word ‘Creativity’?

Other than the actual definition of the word? Problem solving. I find problem-solving to be creative. How do you create something based on a theme that has been used thousands of times before, how do you make it different? the word Creativity comes to my mind then, its just how you perceive the thing in different and new ways. Tell me how do you depict blindness in a painting? think about it thoroughly.
The problem is how do you make your audience feel it’s about blindness? You’re not gonna put a text there that suggests it’s about blindness, how do you do it then? that’s the problem and solving of that problem is gonna be Creativity.


6. Do you think art is underrated?

Underrated? I’m not sure, it varies. what kind of art it is? anything can be underrated and overrated but art as a whole can’t be underrated, I dont think so.

7. According to you, what art is?

Beauty. For me Art is beauty and always will be a beauty. The Depiction of Beauty in various different ways, To show what’s in there inside of you. What makes you human the very essence of it, you put it out there in the form of art. That’s what it is according to me.

9. As per your bio of the page, ‘I have no life, I do art stuff’. Don’t you think art itself worthy a life?

Maybe, If you mean art makes a life worth living then yes Definitely. But then it’s a big sacrifice as well, a big struggle.

10. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

I don’t know really, I don’t know where I see myself in next 5 years but I do know where I WISH to see myself in next 5 years. That’ll be directing my own feature films.



11. What are we lacking behind in art and photography?

We lack a nuanced understanding of human psyche. What’s bad is bad and what’s good is good. We never depict the gray areas in our art. We can show someone being sad but is it good-sad or bad-sad? can you differentiate? you’re gonna ask yourself is there even a “good-sad”? There is yet another state of mind in which you’re sad but somehow you’re at peace with yourself you’re content with your sadness but does it make you happy? no it doesn’t so how does that work? can you show that? We lack in portraying that effectively. Its always either too high or too low, basically we lack subtlety.

12. How to distinguish between skillful photographer and an amateur?

A skillful photographer would never spoon-feed you and tell you what’s the photograph about, the photograph would speak itself to you, however an amateur would have to support it with a context/quote perhaps because you can’t distinguish it just by looking at it.

13. Life of an artist be like?

It’s extremely difficult. There’s one side where you want to make art that reflects your vision, what you want to see and show. What you’re hungry for, what your artistic sensibilities tell you is right.
Then there’s the other side where you have to make a living, where you’re worried that you have to sell out eventually. You have to sacrifice and give up on why you even created art in the first place, just to survive.