Noori, Pakistan’s first ever rock-band music that began its voyage in 1990’s. It was the times when classical music was considered the hallmark of the era. Taking a chance with rock music was a great leap of faith and yet they outshone everyone else in no time. Limelight of music industry evaluated perfectly the underlying passion of young guys and their attempt to make a difference. Noori always drew huge crowds in each of its concerts from the beginning. Noori in itself is a brand.

There are 10 facts about Noori and the two singer plus musicians, Ali Noor and Ali Hamza. Some of them might startle you, amaze you and make you admire their art more.

1-Why the name “Noori” :


You may think the band was named after Ali Noor which is partly true. The real reason for the name “Noori” was that it means “light” and they arose with the concept to bring to light the darkest and unknown paths. It was another form of faith they put in their passion more than their careers. Ali Noor has been the most persistent and passionate part of the band and is rather the provenance of it. He has always been fond of “words” that have power to inspire, change and make the world a better place.

2-A band with a story-line:


After Entity Paradigm, Noori was the next band to have a concept behind each of its album as well as song. Noori is a message to passionate youth. Their discography has been always story-based. The lyrics reverberated with a meaning.

“Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan” is about youthful aspirations, “Peeli Pati Aur Raja Jani Ki Gol Duniya” is about a suffering youth after tasting a bitterness of experiences and “Begum Gul Baqoli Sarfarosh” is about persistence and never giving up on dreams.

It seems like they make you travel through your own realities in your pursuance of your dreams. Even the titles are very well-thought out and catchy.

3-Co-Ven lead to formation of the band of Noori:


 Noori began its journey since the time Ali Noor and Co-VEN worked on an album named “Not in your world”.

Ali Hamza got inspired from the idea and wrote as well as composed Noori’s first ever song “Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan”. When he made Ali Noor to listen to his composition, he loved it and decided to begin their band.Ali Noor was lover of western-rock music, he introduced it in his music for the first time. He, then, decided to use Urdu as code of language for his songs.

Ali Noor was lover of western-rock music, he introduced it in his music for the first time. He, then, decided to use urdu as code of language for his songs.

4-Ali Noor got scholarship in Denver University:


 Ali Noor’s father reveals the fact about his restless son who got scholarship in Denver University. He was very enthusiastic about his son but then the revelation came that his son had applied in the music department there. Yet, Ali Noor decided to not to go abroad and studied here in Lahore.

5-They introduced Sagar veena in Coke Studio:


Sagar Veena was the instrument Ali Noor’s mother, Noor Zehra Kazim, used to play, which originally she learnt from her father. Their grandfather, Raza Kazim, was a musician too and he made the instrument Sagar veena for his daughter.

It brings us to the realization that they were born artists and singers. In Coke Studio, Saagar Veena was introduced by them and their mother plays it during their songs.

6-Sanjan Nagar School of Philosophy and Art:

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Their grandfather is the director of renowned School of Art and Philosophy in Lahore. He has been a political activist and a practicing lawyer. The idea is of “Evolutionary Mentology”, a movement to discover the way to change behavior and thought patterns of an individual as well a society.

If they are a generation of such great people, how can their minds not be cultured and thoughts so sublime?

7-Childhood Achievement:


Ali Noor was very passionate about music from the start and at the age of 12, he built is own guitar. He was extremely opposite to Ali Hamza. Hamza was more calm and composed. He used to have self-talks and was classical music lover. Hamza was fond of Pathanekan and seghal. Noor was rock-music lover and restless kind of kid. Quite humorously, Hamza reveals the nickname Noor got in his school “Tana Thiskan” for his constant movement because of excessive listening of rock-music.

8-Music teacher:

At age of 12, they had a teacher who taught them to play harmonium. This was a diversion towards classical music which makes apparent the fact that how they fuse rock and classical music forms.

9-Underground Band:

 At age 15, they made their underground band with their cousin, Ali Rizvi. Even when their cousins used to visit them in vacations, they used to sing and play guitars.

10-Music is not their original profession:

 They are not singers by profession in a way because Hamza is an economist and Noor studied Law. Music is a voice of their hearts that they pursue without any thirst for fame. It is originally their passion, persistence and ideology that brought fame as well as name to them.